Herculin MRF-4 Review: Best Post Workout Supplement for Size and Strength

EBN Herculin MRF-4EBS Sports Premium Herculin MRF-4 Post Workout is a post workout maximizer. The basis of this post workout supplement is a blend of amino acids and creatine, two ingredients that I’m a huge fan of.

In my Herculin MRF-4 review, I’m going to give you both the pros and the cons. I’ll rate it’s effectiveness based on my own personal results. But I’ll also share my thoughts on areas for improvement.

Let’s find out if MRF-4 is the best post workout supplement for size and strength.

What is Herculin MRF-4?

Herculin MRF-4 is designed to take immediately after you finish your workout to kick in the recovery process. Looking at the label, it’s clearly made to enhance recovery.

In short, as stated earlier, it’s core ingredients revolve around amino acids and creatine.

The idea behind Herculin MRF-4 is to increase protein absorption, alleviate protein degradation, and enhance recovery time.

Along with the amino acid and creatine formula, Herculin MRF-4 includes zinc and magnesium along with an adequate dose of vitamin C E, and B12.

My Herculin MRF-4 Review

EBN Herculin MRF-4 Post Workout Maximizer

It’s important to note in my Herculin MRF-4 review that I had just catered my workouts to gaining strength prior to starting this supplement.

Although I was adding some exercises for hypertrophy towards the end of my workouts, my primary goal was to gain size and strength in the compound exercises like bench press, squats, deadlifts, and barbell rows.

I say this because it’s important to have clear goals before trying a new supplement. You have to be able to measure results (or lack thereof).┬áIn a nutshell, here’s my experience (the good and bad) with Herculin MRF-4.

Herculin MRF-4 Review – Pros:

  • Progressive strength gains each week
  • Noticeable different in muscle size
  • ‘Full’ muscles
  • Effective with only taking it on heavy training days
  • Doesn’t seem to be any additives (aka junk!)

I’d give this about 4.5 out of 5 stars for effectiveness (which is a very good rating).

On that note, it’s never going to be ‘just a supplement‘ that grants substantial results. It’s a collective effort of your training intensity and diet, then supplements come into play.

I do feel Herculin MRF-4 produced solid results in my size and strength gains, which was my goal.

There is a process for mixing Herculin MRF-4 post workout. You basically add water, stir it, let it sit for a minute two and stir it again before chugging it. THIS IS OK WITH ME as it means there’s no added crap in it that makes it stir easier. In other words, it’s pure.

Herculin MRF-4 Review – Cons:

  • Proprietary blend (not a fan of these – I want to know how much of each ingredient I’m taking)
  • Only 18 servings **see my note below

Both of the above cons are pet peeves of mine with many supplement companies. Most of us want to know how much of each individual ingredient we’re getting.

At first, I was a little upset seeing that the container was only 18 serving. For that reason, I only took Herculin MRF-4 on my heavy training days, which is four days a week.

I still got what I consider good results, better than most other post workout supplements. So I really can’t complain about the servings (this lasted me a little over a month).

Best Post Workout Supplement for Size and Strength?

Is Herculin MRF-4 really the best post workout supplement for size and strength?

I personally experienced gains in size and strength that I was happy with. It gave me that boost and helped me break past the plateau that we all hit.

Herculin MRF-4 post workout supplement also grants muscle fullness. So it seems you can take this for bodybuilding or powerlifting gaining both muscle size or strength.

Would I Take Herculin MRF-4 Post Workout Again?

Is Herculin MRF-4 post workout something I would take again?

Well, I’m getting ready to order another container of Herculin MRF-4 post workout as we speak.

It has everything needed for a solid post workout supplement. Recovery time is enhanced and you can expect some decent gains.

So to me, Herculin MRF-4 is well worth it.

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