Hyper Gain Review: The Original Mass Gainer Supplement

Hyper Gain Muscle Builder BottleThis is the original Hyper Gain mass gainer supplement. Don’t be fooled by the other knock-off supplements that have Hyper Gain in their name.

I was looking for a muscle gainer to put on quality size. But I did not want the bloating or puffy look that comes with most supplements to get big.

I’m now going share my full Hyper Gain review and experience with you. But first, let’s take a deeper look into what this true muscle gainer is and the Hyper Gain ingredients.

5 Reasons Why Hyper Gain is the One of the Best Muscle Gainer Supplements to Get Big

  1. Designed for Hard Gainers 
  2. Uses the only 100% bioavailable creatine compound
  3. Quality muscle gainer for clean gains
  4. Used by elite bodybuilders and powerlifters
  5. Manufacturer in cGMP Compliant lab for guaranteed high quality

HyperGain Review


What is ASR Hyper Gain?

Hyper Gain is a mass gainer supplement that uses the first 100% bioavailable creatine called Kre Alkalyn.

This mass gainer also contains other powerful ingredients that work in conjunction with Kre Alkalyn for extreme muscle gain.

One bottle of Hyper Gain contains 90 servings, giving you a full 30 day supply (huge plus in my book). Now let’s get into the ingredients and Hyper Gain review.

ASR Hyper Gain Ingredients

⇒ Kre-Alkalyn pH Correct Creatine – Hands down the best type of creatine. Kre Alkalyn is a patented creatine that absorbs in the muscle without mixing with carbs, loading, or bloating. * Any best type of creatine supplement should contain Kre Alkalyn. 

⇒ Tribulus Terrestris – A plant extract proven to naturally increase libido and testosterone, enhance performance, and increase muscle.

⇒ Alpha Lipoic Acid – Powerful antioxidant that helps rid the body of harmful toxins.

⇒ Mucuna Pruriens 15:1 – Mood enhancer and also known to increase testosterone levels.

⇒ Zinc AA Chelate – Zinc is known to boost the immune system and the chelated version helps zinc absorb more efficiently.

⇒ Vanadyl Sulfate – Mimics insulin and helps shuttle glucose and amino acids in the muscle.

Hyper Gain Muscle Builder Label

Why Kre Alkalyn is the Best Type of Creatine

ASR Hyper Gain mass gainer contains the only type of creatine that effectively helps you build muscle and get stronger. There’s no loading, bloating, mixing with sugary carbs, or any of the other side effects that come with the outdated creatine monohydrate.

Kre Alkalyn absorbs into the muscle immediately and does not convert into the toxic creatinine.

With Hyper Gain you’ll build lean muscle taking less of a dose yet getting better results due to its bioavailability, and without any negative side effects. This is why Kre Alkalyn is the best type of creatine.

Big Arms Workout cover

Creating a Positive Nitrogen Balance

Attaining that pump during your workouts is another advantage of taking Hyper Gain. You’ll be able to pound out more reps and sets without crashing. What makes this possible?

Hyper Gain creates a positive nitrogen balance which is crucial for creating a muscle building environment.

As you read above, Hyper Gain also has ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone as well as eliminate body fat. This means it’s a clean and quality mass gainer supplement.

ASR Hyper Gain Review – Muscle Gainer

Like with most mass gainer supplements, you shouldn’t expect to results right away. However, Hyper Gain works faster than any other muscle gainer. I’ll break down the results week by week.

This Hyper Gain review is based an 8 week cycle.

» Hyper Gain Muscle Gainer Weeks 1-2:

I felt this muscle gainer kicking in during the 2nd week with more energy and explosive power.

» Hyper Gain Muscle Gainer Weeks 3-4:

My workouts were more intense with better pumps, and the ability to crank out more sets and reps.

» Hyper Gain Muscle Gainer Weeks 5-6:

Strength increased for compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press.

» Hyper Gain Muscle Gainer Weeks 7-8:

By this time I was experiencing extreme muscle gain. However, at this point you can expect to plateau a little. My suggestion is change up your workout routine to shock your muscles.

* It’s important to note that I didn’t change anything else. I was still eating the same foods and taking my other basic supplements (whey protein, multi-vitamins, pre/post workout, and amino acids).

Hyper Gain Muscle Gainer Video Review

Here’s a video review I did for Hyper Gain after the first time trying it.



Is Hyper Gain Truly the Best Mass Gainer Supplement?

My Hyper Gain review proved this to be an effective mass gainer supplement if your goal is to gain strength, or to gain lean and defined muscle mass.

If you’re already training hard and your nutrition plan is in tact, Hyper Gain will take you to that next level.

It’s important to note that ASR Hyper Gain also provides many nutrients critical for overall health.

Can Hyper Gain be labeled as the best mass gainer supplement? It’s hard to beat since it contains the best type of creatine Kre Alkalyn combined with other powerful testosterone boosting ingredients.

If you have never tried Hyper Gain, it’s certainly worth it. I’d also love to hear about your results and experience with it.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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