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Jason’s Hyper Gain Review – ASR

Among the abundance of bodybuilding supplements on the market the one supplement that has stood the test of time is creatine. There has been more research on creatine than any other supplement. And no other natural bodybuilding supplement has granted the results that creatine has.

However, there’s a few downsides. There are some that do not respond to the old school creatine monohydrate. Some have also experienced bloating and stomach discomfort with creatine supplements. Fortunately there’s a powerful alternative.


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Massive Gains with 100% Bioavailable Creatine

One of the biggest problems with creatine monohydrate is the need to take simple sugary carbohydrates in order for creatine to absorb. This can be detrimental to your physique if your goal is to gain lean muscle without adding fat. And many of the ‘advanced creatine’ formulas contains carbs.  There have been several attempts to make enhanced versions of creatine but many have fallen short, and some have proven to not be effective at all.

Hyper Gain from AS Research contains the only type of creatine that effectively helps you build muscle and get stronger without loading, bloating, mixing with sugary carbs, or any of the other side effects that come with creatine monohydrate: Kre-Alkalyn. Kre-Alkalyn absorbs into the muscle immediately and does not convert into the toxic creatinine (another known issue with other forms of creatine when mixed with liquids). With Hyper Gain you’ll build lean muscle taking less of a dose yet getting better results due to its bioavailability, and without any negative side effects.

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My Experience with ASR Hyper Gain

Jason's Hyper Gain Review

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I didn’t notice much the first week of taking Hyper Gain. I thought maybe my pre workout supplement may have been counteracting the effects because the label says to take ASR Hyper Gain before your workouts. Week two is when I started really noticing a difference. The greatest change I felt was that I had more power in the gym and that was enabling me to push more weight. I’m not a powerlifter (nor am I a pro bodybuilder, which is obvious) but my training is catered more towards a bodybuilding style. I wasn’t expecting to feel more power from Hyper Gain but it’s certainly a nice effect.

After three weeks of taking Hyper Gain I started taking it after my workouts instead of before. One reason is that my pre workout supplements usually have some sort of creatine already. Another is Hyper Gain says to take it 45 minutes prior to your workout. I train early mornings and I’m pretty much on my first set (around 5AM) shortly after I wake up. I also feel that getting creatine in your system post workout can be very effective.

I can’t necessarily attribute any greater pumps or energy during my workouts from Hyper Gain because I take a pre workout supplement (I train early mornings and pre workout sups are a must for me). But another effect of Hyper Gain I noticed was I carried a constant pump throughout the day, just sitting at my desk or walking around. My muscles felt harder. I also noticed my muscles looked more full and round than they usually do while taking Hyper Gain.

It’s important to note that I didn’t change anything else. I was still eating the same and taking my other basic supplements (whey protein, multi-vitamins, pre/post workout, aminos, etc). I also have to mention the first thing I noticed was how quickly Hyper Gain arrived which was within just a couple of days.

Hyper Gain – Not Just Another Creatine Supplement

Several powerlifters, strong man competitors, and bodybuilders use Hyper Gain to break through their strength and growth plateaus.  I would venture to say the greatest benefit to taking ASR Hyper Gain is the explosive power and strength gains. Most everyone who’s taken Hyper Gain has experienced a substantial increase in the amount of weight they can lift. This is obviously great for strength athletes but it’s also crucial for bodybuilders. The most effective way to build muscle tissue is to overload the muscle. And one of the best ways to overload the muscle is to lift more weight.

Don’t confuse AS Research Hyper Gain with all of the other creatine supplements on the market. Hyper Gain also has ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone as well as eliminate body fat. This means you can gain solid muscle without getting fat. Attaining that pump during your workouts is another advantage of taking Hyper Gain. You’ll be able to pound out more reps and sets without crashing. The ingredients in Hyper Gain also create a positive nitrogen balance which is crucial for a muscle building environment.

What’s in Hyper Gain?

Let’s take a closer look at the label for Hyper Gain. There are no illegal substances or harmful ingredients. And as you’ll see, Hyper Gain is much more than just another creatine supplement. And at 90 servings per container, Hyper Gain is a full 30 day supply (big plus in my book). You’ll also find the details of ASR Hyper Gain’s ingredients below the label.

Hyper Gain Muscle Builder Label

> Kre-Alkalyn pH Correct Creatine – Patented creatine that absorbs in the muscle without mixing with carbs, loading, or bloating.

> Tribulus Terrestris – A plant extract proven to naturally increase libido and testosterone, enhance performance, and increase muscle.

> Alpha Lipoic Acid – Powerful antioxidant that helps rid the body of harmful toxins.

> Mucuna Pruriens 15:1 – Mood enhancer and also known to increase testosterone levels.

> Zinc AA Chelate – Zinc is known to boost the immune system and the chelated version helps zinc absorb more efficiently.

> Vanadyl Sulfate – Mimics insulin and helps shuttle glucose and amino acids in the muscle.

Hyper Gain is a promising supplement if your goal is to gain strength or gain lean muscle mass (or both). If you’re already training hard and your nutrition plan is in tact, Hyper Gain will take you to that next level. ASR Hyper Gain also provides many nutrients critical for overall health, especially men’s health. Along with the enhanced creatine, Kre-Alkalyn, you’re also getting testosterone boosting and fat loss effects. Bottom line is you’ll get  the most out of your workouts with Hyper Gain.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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