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Jason’s Review of Jack3d | USPlabs

If I’m not mistaken I believe Jack3d from USPlabs the first, or at least one of the first ultra concentrated pre workout supplements. The goal in mind was to provide bodybuilders and weight trainers with the right combination of key ingredients that grant energy, pumps, and focus.  Jack3d does not contain any useless fillers, artificial coloring or fluff ingredients. To many of us this is a breath of fresh air in the supplement industry. If you do a little research you’ll see that Jack3d has won several awards on various supplement sites and a lot of people I know that take it are happy with the results. I definitely wanted to try this.

My Use/Dosage of USPlabs Jack3d

I make this comment with most of my pre workout supplement reviews; it’s important to note that I train in the early morning, around 5AM. That being said the first thing I do upon waking is slam down whatever pre workout product I’m taking at that time. I started out taking 1 scoop of Jack3d for about 3 days. The label instructs you to take 3 scoops however; it also states that some find that 1, 1.5, or 2 scoops is just as ideal. 1 scoop gave me energy but I did not experience any type of insane pump as some claim so I bumped it up to 2 scoops. My 2 scoops quickly turned into 2 extremely rounded scoops (probably equivalent to 3 or more scoops which the label say do not consume for than 3 scoops). Also, as with any pre workout supplement I only took Jack3d on training days.

My Experience with USPlabs Jack3d

When I was taking 3+ scoops I did feel a surge of energy and also felt more focused throughout my workouts. With that in mind my workouts were better meaning I lifted more weight and got more reps. These increased numbers were by no means substantial but Jack3d was doing what a pre workout supplement should do.

Pros: Jack3d will definitely grant you an extreme boost in energy and mental focus. It pretty much does everything the label says it does. It’s contains some basic yet very effective ingredients and doesn’t contain any useless fillers. I also like the fact that it contains creatine monohydrate, an old school supplement yet one of the few supplements proven to grant results (in my opinion, creatine monohydrate should be the staple of any pre or post workout formula).

Cons: It seems that most people (per other reviews I’ve read and from my own experience) have to take at least 2-3 scoops for Jack3d to be effective (is this a con? to some yes, to others, maybe not so much).

Check out the label on Jack3d and you’ll see there aren’t a ton of ingredients but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Often times us weightlifters are enticed by long labels of endless ingredients yet the product either doesn’t contain enough of any 1 ingredient to really do anything or much of the label consists of useless fillers, or both. However, I do feel like Jack3d would be better if they added some sort of amino acid blend such as 5 grams of BCAAs or EAAs. I notice that I have more sustainable muscle energy from pre workout products that contain aminos.

I will say that Jack3d will indeed get you going. I think it’s perfect for those that workout in the evenings or even in the middle of the day after you’ve had a meal or two in your system. Ideally you’d have a meal an hour or 2 before your workout followed by a few servings of Jack3d 45 minutes or so later (about 15-20 minutes pre workout). For people like me that train first thing in the morning I would recommend adding some aminos to Jack3d (or sip on aminos during your workout; something like Scivation Xtend, or Universal’s BCAA or EAA Stack). At the end of the day, Jack3d is definitely a solid pre workout choice.

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