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I know there are a ton of supplement reviews our there on ‘top fat burners’ and it’s difficult to know which one’s are worth trying. So that’s why I created this page. I’m going to list just a few for what I deem as the best fat burning supplements on the market that I’ve taken. I’ll do my best to keep this up to date.

Each link below will take you to the actual review page for my top fat burners. These are all products I’ve tried myself and have gotten better results from. Granted, I’ve never been big on fat burning supplements. But if you have a specific fitness goal, especially related to physique transformation, one of my top fat burners may help you get there a little quicker.

Top Fat Burners and Reviews

#1 Rated Fat Burner – Instant Knockout

You’ll also notice Instant Knockout on my supplement reviews page as one of my top 3 recommended supplements overall. This stuff was created for MMA fighters and it’s designed to help you get into extreme condition. This makes Instant Knockout great for athletes of pretty much any sport, including bodybuilding and physique competitions.

Instant Knockout Review - Top Fat Burners

Jason’s Instant Knockout Review

#2 Rated Fat Burner – ASR Shred360

Shred360 has been around a while and is only available through it’s direct manufacturer ASR. This is a reputable company used by many powerlifters and bodybuilders. The highlight of Shred360 is that you can drop weight and body fat without losing muscle.

Shred 360 Review - Top Fat Burners

Jason’s Shred360 Review

#3 Rated Fat Burner – Purus Labs Theatrim

Theatrim from Purus Labs gives you an amazing energy boost but there’s no crash. It also has that ‘feel good’ effect within minutes of taking it. This is something you can take without making a lot of changes to your diet and still get decent results (give that your diet isn’t horrible, of course). It’s one of the better fat burners you’ll find in stores, in my opinion.

Purus Labs Theatrim - Top Fat Burners

Review Coming Soon

About My Fat Burner Recommendations

I don’t grade these by mere weight loss. Most fat burning supplements will recommend a strict diet, more than often reducing your calorie intake. If you reduce calories you’re obviously going to lose weight. So we never know if it’s the pills or the diet. More than likely the latter.

I’m also not looking for just energy boosters. I get that from my pre workout supplements. I want something that’s actually going to boost my metabolism, enhance my mood, and grant sustainable energy throughout the day. In other words, my top fat burners are much more than just a bottle full of stimulants.



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