Jason’s Top Test Boosters


There’s no shortage of testosterone boosters on the market. Most of them claim to be all natural yet magically somehow render the same results as the real stuff. We all know that’s nowhere close to the truth. However, I have stumbled upon a few solid test boosters over the years.

Each link below will take you to the actual review page for my top testosterone boosters. I’ve personally taken all of these supplements multiple times. These are the few that have not been disappointed in.

Top Testosterone Boosters and Reviews

#1 Rated Test Booster – TestoFuel

TestoFuel NewI’ve been advertising TestoFuel for a while now and it still remains my top testosterone booster of all others I’ve taken. I’ve found TestoFuel to be a multi-dimensional supplement for a few reasons. For starters, you can use it for bulking or cutting up. But it’s not just for bodybuilding. TestoFuel can benefit any type of athlete or anyone who wants to be healthier and in better shape.

For my case, TestoFuel provided the strength gains while helping me cut fat and get more conditioned. I have more of a bodybuilding training style and aspire for that type of physique. TestoFuel can help you gain muscle without getting fat, and can also help you get leaner without losing muscle. Click the link below for my full TestoFuel review.

Jason’s TestoFuel Review

#2 Rated Test Booster – Prime Male

Prime Male Testosterone BoosterPrime Male is considered a high-end testosterone booster that caters to men over 30. This is the age where our natural test levels start to decline. With that comes things like decreased libido, loss of muscle and strength, lack of energy…you get the picture. Prime Male is specifically designed to help you bounce back.

The highlights of Prime Male are based around bringing back the younger version of yourself with vigor. There’s also benefits of building lean muscle tissue while reducing body fat. Libido is another primary benefit of taking Prime Male. Click the link below for my full Prime Male review

Jason’s Prime Male Review

#3 Rated Test Booster – Universal Nutrition Animal Test

Animal Test Can Universal Nutrition

One of my favorite strength builders is Animal Test from Universal Nutrition. Animal Test has been around a long time and has stood the ‘test’ of time (pun intended). It’s one of the few supplements that have helped me gain noticeable size and strength over the years.

Animal Test is definitely something I recommend for a mass or strength cycle. You could use it for cutting but you wouldn’t get the full benefits from it. That being said I’ve gotten better results from Animal Test consuming more calories. Check out my full Animal Test review by clicking the link below.

Jason’s Animal Test Review

About My Testosterone Booster Recommendations

Let’s be real; most natural testosterone boosters simply don’t work. The supplement industry is, and probably always will be, overrun by supplements that claim to get you bigger, stronger, and increase test. This is why you won’t find a ton of testosterone booster reviews on my site. However, I’ve come across a small hand full of test boosters that work.

There are a few key things I look for in testosterone boosters before I’ll even consider taking them. There’s a lot supplements out there that can enhance libido but that doesn’t automatically mean your testosterone levels have increased. It’s just one of the benefits.

> Increased lean muscle
> Reduced body fat
> More overall energy
> Better moods and ability to focus
> More drive and determination
> Feeling of youth and vigor
> And yes, enhanced sex drive

These are all definitive signs of increased testosterone. It’s not just one area that’s enhanced. For example, creatine will help you build bigger muscles and make you stronger. However, it doesn’t necessarily effect your mood, libido, or testosterone levels (of course we’re typically in a better mood when you fee bigger and stronger!). A true test booster should hit all of the above areas.