No Bull Glutamine Powder Review


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Glutamine is one of the most underrated supplements, in my opinion. It’s an amino acid that substantially helps with recovery. This is crucial for rebuilding muscle tissue.

There are many other benefits of taking glutamine daily. I’ll cover these and my experience in my Raw Barrel No Bull Protein Powder Review.

Raw Barrel No Bull Glutamine

Raw Barrel is known for providing what I call basic supplements. There do not include fillers, no artificial flavors, or any additives. No Bull Glutamine Powder is just that; pure glutamine powder.

No Bull Protein Glutamine Review

Raw Barrel No Bull Glutamine Powder is a simple glutamine supplement. There’s no hype. I’m going to share how much and how often I take No Bull glutamine as well as my personal experience.

Best Times to Take No Bull Glutamine


There are two primary times that I take Raw Barrel No Bull Glutamine Powder.

Post Workout: Ideally, post workout is a good time to take glutamine. This helps kick-start the recovery and rebuilding of muscle tissue process. Glutamine also helps boost your immune system, which is perfect timing after intense workouts.

Before Bedtime: I also take glutamine before bedtime. No Bull glutamine helps me fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. I wake up fully rested.

The last factor that’s untold is the purity of No Bull glutamine. The only thing I have to go by is the direct effects. These are the questions you have to ask yourself when trying glutamine:

Does No Bull Glutamine help me sleep, or do I feel the same as I do when I don’t take it?

Dose it help me recover faster, or do I feel just as sore after my workouts? 

My Thoughts

I’m satisfied with the results. I do sleep better with taking No Bull Glutamine Powder before bed. I’ve taken other glutamine supplements that had no effect on my sleep. So I’m comfortable saying that Raw Barrel’s No Bull glutamine works well in this area. I mix 5-7 grams in a small glass of water and slam it before bed.

I also don’t feel as sore after my workouts. It’s ok to feel sore, especially after an intense workout. But a quality glutamine supplement should minimize this. Raw Barrel No Bull glutamine does indeed help. I dump about 7 grams in my post workout protein shake.

Raw Barrel No Bull Glutamine Conclusion

I normally like to talk about the label on supplements. But I can cover that in one sentence here. One serving of Raw Barrel No Bull Glutamine Powder is 5 grams. That’s it. There’s nothing else on the label. Just pure glutamine powder.

I think the bodybuilding supplement industry is ready for some pure supplements that actually work. People are tired of long lists of labels mot being certain what they’re putting into their bodies. Raw Barrel seems to offer the basic supplements that have time-tested, and seemingly from pure, quality sources, hence my results.

To me, Raw Barrel is a breath of fresh air. I’ll continue taking No Bull Glutamine. Not too mention, it’s relatively inexpensive.

Train with Passion,


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