No Bull Protein Powder Review


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I’ve always wanted to try an unflavored protein powder. It seems this would bring out the natural flavors in the food items you typically mix it with to make protein shakes. So I was excited to try Raw Barrel No Bull Protein Powder.

In my No Bull Protein Powder review, I’ll discuss how I take it, what I mix it with, and my overall thoughts. But first let’s do a quick overview of the the product.

About Raw Barrel No Bull Protein

For starters, this is my first Raw Barrel supplement review. I actually received their No Bull Protein and No Bull Glutamine Powder. But I started taking the protein first.

No Bull Protein Powder is an unflavored protein supplement. Per Raw Barrel, the ingredients pure with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

No Bull Protein Powder Review

Raw Barrel No Bull Protein Powder is this is the first unflavored protein powder I’ve ever tried. I’ve also wondered about this as sometimes the flavored protein powders can clash with the other ingredients used to make shakes, such as fruits. For example, I’ve found that chocolate flavored protein powder doesn’t taste so good when mixed with dark berries.

I broke out all of the ingredients to make my usual post workout protein shake. This includes a banana, a mixture of berries, and either coconut milk or almond milk.

This was the best protein shake I had ever tasted. The unflavored No Bull protein powder allowed for the true taste of the other ingredients. I especially got the organic taste of the berries, which is my favorite.

I also used the No Bull protein for my mid-day shake, which is a little less ingredients. It’s pretty much the same as my post workout shake above but minus the berries and a half serving of natural peanut butter. Without the flavored protein, this shake was a bit more bland but I still prefer this taste with No Bull protein powder over the flavored proteins.

* I use the Ninja Blender for my shakes!! Best investment ever!

The one thing that may be a downfall to some is No Bull protein shakes will indeed taste a bit more bland. You’re not getting that sweetness that comes from flavored proteins. However, this shouldn’t be a bad thing and you’ll quickly get used to the unflavored protein.

To me, this is like the time I stopped putting sugar in my coffee. I started appreciating the natural taste of good coffee without any additives (though I still do a small amount of unsweetened creamer). Using the No Bull unflavored protein brings out that true, authentic taste of the other ingredients.

Raw Barrel No Bull Protein Label

The No Bull Protein label is extremely basic, which is preferred in my opinion. It’s literally just protein with the expected minimal amounts of fat and carbohydrates (2 grams for each).

What does this mean? It means Raw Barrel does not put any fillers or artificial crap in their No Bull protein powder! In this case, less is more. In fact, less is healthier.

Again, there appears to be no fillers, artificial ingredients, or additives in No Bull Protein Powder.

No Bull Protein Powder Review: Final Thoughts

The idea of using an unflavored protein powder was new to me, and refreshing. I’ve looked up a few other unflavored proteins and see that they have more ingredients than what I see on the No Bull protein label. This may or may not be a bad thing. But if your goal is to be as natural and organic as possible, less ingredients typically equates to more natural.

How does No Bull protein powder taste? Well, I can’t exactly cover that in my review as I haven’t tried that yet. But I love the way this unflavored protein tastes with my shakes. And I feel a lot better after drinking my shakes with No Bull protein. There’s no bloating that comes with some other protein powders.

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