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At the time of writing my review of NO Synthesize I had been taking a BCAA supplement and mixing it with a creatine supplement for the past several years. This was an effective means of an post workout stack. However, I wanted to get something that had everything I wanted for immediate post workout but without the high sugar content. I also wanted a few ingredients that I wasn’t getting with my BCAA and creatine stack and NO Synthesize seems to meet these demands.

VPX NO Synthesize is a post workout formula that’s based on the pre workout NO Shotgun. The difference is NO Synthesize does not contain any stimulants (NO Shotgun contains VPX’s Red Line formula for energy). NO Synthesize contains a blend of creatines, amino acids (including BCAAs), nitric oxide boosting ingredients, and a blend of proteins. But what really makes this post workout formula standout is its affect on insulin sensitivity and responsiveness. In short, VPX NO Synthesize is loaded with everything you need for that critical post workout window.

My Use/Dosage of Assault

VPX NO SynthesizeNO Synthesize comes in a container with 28 servings, and the recommended usage is one serving post workout. My use is just that; one serving immediate post workout. I usually train with weights and then mix up my NO Synthesize, and sip while I’m doing by cardio. I have my high protein and carb shake when I get home from the gym, which is about 20-30 minutes after finishing my NO Synthesize. The label suggests to take NO Synthesize on non-training days as well. So far I’ve only taken NO Synthesize post workout on training days but I’m may start taking it on non training days as well.

My Experience with MusclePharm Assault

Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that I tried NO Synthesize about four years ago prior to this review. From what I recall I was getting leaner and my muscles were harder. I was doing the VPX NO Shotgun and NO Synthesize stack during this time. I’m not sure why I changed my supplements back then. Of course I’m always trying different supplements. In my recent search for an immediate post workout formula that contained a full amino acid and creatine blend without the sugar content, I decided to go back to NO Synthesize.

From this time around I’m noticing the same affects in regards to having harder muscles and getting leaner. Even my strength has gone up a little in the few weeks that I’ve been taking NO Synthesize. I’ve never gotten any bloating or cramping from NO Synthesize, which is common in some creatine-based supplements. And I haven’t experienced any water retention either. I’ve been getting what I call dry muscle gains and have also noticed more vascularity. Funny thing is my diet has been sort of random lately (no horrible, but by no means perfect). I’m seeing more muscle definition and getting better pumps during my workouts.

Pros: Lean muscle gains, dry muscle gains, increased strength, no bloating or cramping, no water retention, positive impact on insulin, no sugars, blend of high quality proteins, packed with branched chain amino acids, superior blend of creatines, and ingredients that increase vascularity.

Cons: I really wish NO Synthesize came in 30 or 32 servings instead of just 28 (makes it easier to budget monthly).

VPX NO Synthesize is a solid choice if you’re looking for a true all-in-one immediate post workout supplement. In fact, I’ll be ordering this again along with VPX NO Shotgun, as I want to stack the two next time I take it (I’m taking MusclePharm Assault pre workout at the time of writing this NO Synthesize review). I like the changes in my physique I’ve been seeing with this supplement, especially the dry gains and leaning out. If you’re going for mass and not concerned with getting sugars post workout then you may want to add carbs, or try a different post workout supplement. But for my personal goals at this time, which is making lean gains and reducing body fat, VPX NO Synthesize has proven to be perfect for my immediate post workout needs.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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