Most pre workout supplements are fairly high in stimulants. This makes sense because many of us are looking for an energy boost. However, not everyone wants stimulants and sometimes its good to take a break from them. This brings me to another Purus Labs review on a supplement called Noxygen.

Purus Labs NOXYGEN is advertised as a stimulant-free preworkout. This formula promotes intramuscular water transport allowing for a cell volumizing effect. It also increases nitric oxide production allowing for more blood flow and better pumps during your workout.

You can use Noxygen two ways. Either as a pre workout accelerator or as a standalone supplement. The latter is great for those that don’t care for stims (or those that want to take a break for stims).

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My NOXYGEN Experience

Noxygen can be used as a pre workout accelerator or as a standalone supplement. I stacked Noxygen with Gaspari’s SP250 at first. Once that ran out, I stacked it with Purus Lab’s Condense pre workout and their creatine product, Creagyn.

Though both of those pre workouts are on my top list, I noticed I had a lot more focus, energy, and pumps with the Noxygen added in. I was certainly able to workout longer, which I lean towards high volume workouts.

I’ve also tried Noxygen on it’s own (mixed with Creagyn, but with no stimulants) and it still delivers the pumps but not quite as intense. I’ve found that doubling the dose is far more effective when taken on its own (which makes sense). I prefer to stack it with a pre workout as I train early morning’s and need the stims.

Pros: Extremely effective supplement when stacked with a pre workout. Enhanced pumps, vascularity, and sustainable energy. Makes a perfect pre workout cocktail when stacked with Condense and Creagyn.

Cons: May need to double the dose when taking it alone.

Final Thoughts – Noxygen

For started, I’m a fan of Purus Labs in general. Their supplements are ‘clean’ and you can tell they have high quality ingredients.

I do prefer stacking Noxygen with Condense and Creagyn (or any pre workout and creatine supplement). This makes a tremendous difference in the gym. But it’s also great if you want a break from or if you do not respond well to stimulants.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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