Orange Triad Review

I’ve wanted to try Orange Triad for a long time now as I’ve heard many good things about it. It’s been mainly Animal Pak for the past several years and I’ve thrown in something else here and there, such as Opti-Men (Optimum Nutrition) and Anavite (Gaspari Nutrition). As far as multi-vitamins and training packs go, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And the ones I listed do the job. What sold me on trying Orange Triad were the included joint relief formula and a reviews from a couple of friends who have tried it.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad is a multi-vitamin formula created to meet the extreme vitamin, mineral, and nutrient requirements of athletes. Along with these, Orange Triad contains ingredients that support your digestive and immune system with their Digestion and Immune Complex. It also supports joints and connective tissue with the Joint and Flex Complex. This is the element that separates Orange Triad from other multi-vitamin formulas.

Orange Triad Dosage

The recommended dose for Orange Triad is three tablets twice a day. I’m sticking with the label on this one. I didn’t see the need to take more. Orange Triad contains a 45 day supply. This is a plus in my book.

My Orange Triad Experience

Controlled Labs Orange TriadIt’s difficult to compare Controlled Labs Orange Triad to another multi-vitamin formula that’s catered to our kind (aka: those who train). The bottom line is I get the same type of effect from Orange Triad as I’ve gotten with any other high quality multi-vitamin formula. My energy is up, I feel positive overall, I recover faster; all the things I would expect from a quality multi are there.

I have to add that I do feel some relief in my joints as well on Orange Triad. Again, I believe the Joint and Flex Complex in this supplement is what sets it apart. And what’s strange is that it’s a glucosamine-based formula, which I’ve never responded that well to glucosamine supplements. This leads me to believe that Orange Triad uses quality ingredients (perhaps the glucosamine I had before was poor or mediocre quality).

The Bottom Line on Controlled Labs Orange Triad

Every multi-vitamin that’s geared towards bodybuilders and athletes has its own unique advantage. Animal Pak is considered a full-blown training pack with an array of different ingredients. Gaspari’s Anavite is like three completely different supplements in one by adding L-Carnitine and Beta Alanine. ON’s Opti-Men formula is catered specifically to men. I even tried a multi-vitamin from Twin Lab a couple months ago that supported a healthy prostate. And here we are with Orange Triad delivering essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients plus the added support for your immune system, digestive system, and a potent joint complex.

At the time of writing this Orange Triad review I’ve been taking it for about three weeks or more. I plan on ordering another bottle of it with my next supplement order. I can see myself using Orange Triad as one of my go-to multi-vitamin supplements.

Train with Passion,