OutRage Review

I don’t really favor one supplement company over another but I’m now realizing that the best preworkout supplements I’ve taken have been products of Nutrex. I was hooked on their Hemo Rage Black for the longest time. At the time of writing this review I’m taking Nutrex Outrage.

I tend to switch up my preworkout supplements from time to time. For starters, it seems your body gets used to the same formula over time. And I also like trying new products to see what’s out there and how I respond. Outrage has already proven to be one of preworkouts that I plan to be on for a while.

My Use/Dosage of Outrage

My usual preworkout concoction is a scoop of whey protein followed by my preworkout supplement. The Outrage label says you can take 1-2 scoops before your workout. I just take 1 heaping scoop. If it’s one of those morning’s where I may have not gotten decent sleep or if I’m just feeling tired, I may take 2. I don’t take it on non-training days (which are usually the weekends).

My Experience with Outrage

Jasons Nutrex Outrage ReviewAlthough there are a list of benefits with Nutrex Outrage, I’m gonig to list a few major highlights for me. One is the extreme mental focus. I can plow through set after set maintaining that mind-to-muscle connection throughout my entire workout. I should list the pumps as a highlight as well. I can feel more blood pumping into the muscle throughout my reps.

Another is the type of energy Outrage grants. It’s like a surge but not overwhelming, at least not to me. But it’s the energy burst I’m looking for and my I find myself having a ton of endurance and stamina throughout my workout. This is also one of the few preworkout supplements that puts me at 100% on the days I roll out of bed not expecting to have an all-out workout.

Outrage Review – Pros:

> Super intense mental focus
> Surge of energy
> Sustainable energy
> Increased stamina and endurance
> Amazing pumps
> No crash

Outrage Review – Cons:

> No complaints here

Final Thoughts – Outrage Review

Nutrex Outrage is now in my arsenal of ‘go-to’ preworkout supplements. Granted, I’m sure I’ll switch it up after the next round by as if now I’m ordering my second can of it. I’m pretty happy with the results in both muscle growth and body composition I’ve seen as the result of getting more intense workouts due to this supplement. I don’t want to over-hyper it but Outrage is definitely something I recommend for extreme energy and focus.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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