Jason’s Prime Male Review: Increase Strenth and Power

Prime Male Test Booster for Men over 30

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster with an interesting formula that caters to men over 30. It’s designed to increase longevity and vigor as well as build lean muscle while cutting body fat.

In addition to my Prime Male review, I’ll talk about the ingredients in depth. I’ll also share my pros and cons.

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My Prime Male Review

Don’t expect to see or feel immediate results with Prime Male. This is the case with any testosterone booster. It takes at least a week to get in your system and start working.

The first thing I noticed when taking Prime Male is the libido boost. This is the one thing you may experience during the first week. Soon after, I noticed that I was also able to workout longer. Prime Male gave me an extra boost to train with more volume. And most of you know I’m a fan of high volume workouts.

My strength was steady with gradual increases throughout the second cycle of Prime Male. I was a little shocked by this because I didn’t expect to have strength gains on this type of testosterone booster.

Prime Male Pros:

› Increase in strength and explosive power
› Better workouts and pumps in the gym
› More cuts and muscle definition
› Definite boost sex drive!
› Elevated  mood

Prime Male Cons:

» Not available in stores; only by the manufacturer
» More expensive than most test boosters (they do have bulk deals – see link below)

Prime Male

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Prime Male Ingredients

Prime Male is contains a unique blend of 12 ingredients. This formula is designed to be a test booster for men over 30.  Actually, it’s a little more than I like to see. Long lists can be a bit overwhelming. But there some that I will point out from the label that we know are quite effective at increasing testosterone.

One thing I saw right way is that the makers of Prime Male give the amounts of each ingredient. There’s no hidden proprietary blends. This is a huge plus in my book. that have been tested and proven to raise testosterone levels.

Prime Male Label:

〉 D-Aspartic Acid
〉 BioPerine
〉 Fenugreek
〉 Magnesium *
〉 Mucuna Pruriens
〉 Nettle Root Extract
〉 Oyster Extract
〉 Siberian Ginseng
〉 Vitamin B6 *
〉 Vitamin D3
〉 Vitamin K2
〉 Zinc *

I put an * by a few ingredients listed. Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 combined are the ingredients that make up the ZMA formula. This is a proven formula for increasing testosterone and has numerous benefits to men’s health in general. It’s one of the first things I noticed in my Prime Male review.

Though Prime Male is a test booster for men over 30, this formula is good for any age.

Prime Male also contains Oyster Extract, which is known to enhance sex drive and libido (this is the main ingredient in the testosterone booster TestoFuel). This is definitely a good addition to the test boosting formula.

The one ingredient I’m not 100% about is the DAA (D-aspartic acid). Some say DAA works, and some do not. Personally, I could take it or leave it.

Final Thoughts – Prime Male Review

Prime Male is advertised to be a test booster for men over 30. But looking at the label, I don’t see how it’s targeted for any specific age. On that note, I don’t feel anyone should be taking a test booster if they’re under 30. So that’s obviously a marketing tactic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If it were me, I would advertise Prime Male for men over 40 (I’m a bit biased because I’m over 40). My mid to late 30’s is when I personally noticed a decrease in testosterone and how I felt overall. That’s just my personal opinion. I guess there’s a market for men over 30.

I can attest to purity and the doses seem to be effective. What I mean by this is your muscle gains are clean. There’s no bloating or any harmful side effects with this stuff. Granted, it’s not a get big quick supplement.

To wrap up my Prime Male review, you must understand that it takes a couple weeks to really start noticing a difference. But if you’re patient and consistent with your workouts, you should attain visible results. That said, I feel more than comfortable recommending Prime Male to men over 30 (or in my case, men over 40!).

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