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The bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplement industry is over-saturated with pre-workout products. Granted, most of us need, or at least perform better with that energizing focus-fueled boost. I personally depend on pre workouts now. However, your post workout supplementation should be first priority. You’ve just torn down your muscles and exhausted them, and your body is screaming for specific nutrients to start rebuilding muscle tissue and recovering. That’s where supplements like EVL RE-BLD come in.

EVLUTION (EVL) NUTRITION RE-BLD┬áis a creatine-based post workout product intended to be taken immediate post training. The benefits of taking RE-BLD include enhanced strength, protein synthesis support, recovery, and muscle growth. RE-BLD also increases ATP levels and supports cell volumization. It’s not full of fillers yet contains a potent blend of high quality supplements to kick in the recovery process and help you build muscle.

My Use/Dosage of EVL RE-BLD

The RE-BLD label instructs you to take 1 serving (which is 1 scoop) with cold water immediately post workout. I’ve actually been stacking RE-BLD with EVL’s A-10, which is a BCAA based formula. I’ve been mixing this together as soon as I finish my last set of weight training and sip on it throughout my cardio session. I also take Evlution Nutrition RE-BLD on my non-training days as well (for me, that’s the weekends).

My Experience with RE-BLDPre-Workout

RE-BLD EVLThe fact that as I’m on my second round of EVL Evlution Nutrition’s RE-BLD post workout as I’m writing this review speaks volumes. The bottom line is I can tell my muscles are recovering faster than with some of the other post workout supplements I’ve taken. And this has a domino effect; if your recovery is on key then your next workout can be more intense, thus you can build more muscle. I also must point out that the ingredients in RE-BLD are high quality as I do not get any stomach cramps or aches when taking it, yet it renders some of the best results I’ve seen from a post workout supplement.

Post workout supplements don’t seem as exciting as pre workout supplements because they’re not something that you’ll feel right away. But as I stated, the recovery process is the most important part of building new muscle tissue. You can have the most intense workout everyday but if you’re not giving your muscles what they crave post workout, you’re cheating yourself out of new muscle growth.

RE-BLD contains all of the necessary ingredients to cover you with muscle recovery and growth. I can also tell I’m getting the benefits from the high quality creatine blend. If you’ve seen my other reviews on creatine-based supplements then you know I prefer a blend of creatines. Creatine monohydrate is a part of the RE-BLD blend along with Creatine HCI. This creates a power packed post workout supplement. The important recovery ingredients such as glutamine and BCAAs are also included.

Pros: Pure, high quality ingredients, enhanced recovery time, superior creatine blend, added BCAAs and glutamine, helps increase strength, substantial muscle gains, and no side effects that you get with cheaper creatine products.

Cons: You may want to add more BCAAs.

As I mentioned in my EVL ENGN pre workout review, EVL Evlution Nutrition has earned my respect as a high quality supplement company. EVL only uses the purest of ingredients and their labels aren’t filled with junk fillers. RE-BLD will be a staple in my supplement regimen going forward.

* And yes, I wrote the death metal song for the review in the video.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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