Shock Therapy Old Review


Jason’s Review of Shock Therapy | Universal New Nutrition (old formula)

* Note: This review is for the older Shock Therapy formula (I tried this in 2011)

Universal Nutrition introduced Shock Therapy around the time nitric oxide boosters were becoming rampant among pre workout formulas. This is the era before concentrated (and of course ultra concentrated) pre workout blends were introduced. I won’t go into each individual ingredient but Shock Therapy contains a hefty amount of active ingredients broke down into an NO complex, muscle volumizing complex, energy complex, antioxidant complex, and electrolyte & pH delivery complex. The selling points of this product includes mental focus, increased strength, muscle pumps, and training intensity. One of the things that impresses me most about Shock Therapy is that it doesn’t contain fillers and is not overloaded with stimulants. There are several pre workout supplements out there that beef up the caffeine and stimulants to make you feel something. That’s great for a short term energy burst but not so much for sustainability in the gym.

At the time of writing this supplement review I’ve bought 2 tubs of Shock Therapy over the past several months. When I bought my first tub of Shock I had been taking Universal’s Animal Rage but wanted to mix my pre workout formulas up a bit. In fact I’m taking Rage now as my main pre workout. However, my intent was to alternate Rage with Shock Therapy every few days. Both are awesome pre workout formulas but each formula grants a slightly unique feel and I tend to have better workouts consistently when alternating them. This concept could be applied to pre workouts in general (keeping 2 products on hand to alternate every few workouts). However, I’ve taken just Shock Therapy for several weeks as well. This pre workout has always been consistent for me and the affects do not seem to diminish as with some other pre workouts where you’ll get a nice boost for 2-3 days then it’s like you’re not taking anything at all.

My Use/Dosage of Shock Therapy

I started out taking 1 scoop of Shock Therapy before my workout. After several days I bumped it up to 1.5 scoops. I’ve read in forums where some people take 2 scoops but I’ve always gotten the desired effects from 1.5 scoops. I only took Shock Therapy of workout days, as with any pre workout supplement I take.

My Experience with Shock Therapy

Pros: I definitely get a good pump, plenty of energy, and mental focus with Shock Therapy. I also seem to keep that same sustainable energy throughout my entire workout; there’s no ups or downs, or leveling off. I don’t get the feeling of harsh stimulants or the jitters, and no crash. A lot of servings (50) at a reasonable price.

Cons: You may have to take more than 1 scoop/serving.

The bottom line is Shock Therapy has proven to me to be a solid pre workout supplement. As I stated above, I’m currently taking Animal Rage (Shock’s little brother!) but I’m looking at the empty tub of Shock Therapy that I just ran out of a few days ago, in which I’ll more than likely purchase another tub with my next supplement order. My workouts are solid with Shock (and with Rage for that matter), but they’re even better when I alternate the two.

As I mention with all of my Universal Nutrition and Animal line supplement reviews, Universal has definitely stood the test of time in the supplement industry and has always maintained a hardcore following. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other worthy supplements out there but Universal is indeed on of the most reputable supplements companies.

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