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Jason’s Review of SuperPump 250 | Gaspari Nutrition

Having had such steady results from NO Shotgun by VPX for over a year I hadn’t tried any other pre workout formulas but always wanted to try Superpump 250. I finally decided to give it a shot. Before going forward I had tried samples of different pre workouts here and there, including Superpump, but you really need to take something for several days in a row to see how your body responds to it. Samples can be a little deceiving as some pre workouts may have a tremendous impact on your energy levels and pumps in the gym but that can sometimes decline after a couple of days or more (I had this happen to me with another popular pre workout product; it worked for 2 days then it was like I wasn’t taking anything at all, even after doubling the dose). That being said, I don’t go by samples unless I have at least weeks’ worth. So I bought the largest size of Superpump 250.

It’s important to note that I train in the early mornings (5AM). I used to only take a pre workout mix but recently started taking 1 scoop of whey protein followed by whatever pre workout supplement I’m on at the time. Most pre workouts, including Superpump 250 discourage eating anything within an hour of taking it but 1 scoop of whey didn’t seem to negate the affects of Superpump. Not to mention I feel I need some sort of protein and aminos before my workout.

My Usage/Dosage of Gaspari Nutrition’s Superpump 250

As stated above, I only took Gaspari Nutrition Superpump on my workout days (5 days a week) about 15 minutes before I hit the gym; this was first thing in the morning at about 4:45 AM since my workouts start at 5 AM. I personally think that taking weekends off (or rather, your non workout days off) helps keep your body from getting used to pre workout supplements. I took 1 scoop the first day and from there I took 2 scoops.

My Experience with Superpump 250

Pros: I didn’t crash on this stuff at all. And I’ve read that many have gotten an upset stomach when taking superpump (i’ve heard people call this supplement ‘superdump’ for this reason) but I never experienced these issues. I did feel more energy than I would feel had I not taken anything so it does work.

Cons: I started having to take 2+ scoops of Superpump250 after about a week to get the same affect I was getting in week 1. This is a peeve of mine with most pre workout products. Also, if it were me I’d add a hefty amino acid blend (BCAAs or EAAs).

What really sparked my interest in wanting to try Superpump 250 was that I had a good experience with Novedex XT by Gaspari Nutrition in 2010. This is advertised as a natural testosterone booster and anti-estrogen supplement. Sadly, Novedex XT has been discontinued (I believe as of early 2011). I could go on another rant about the banning of supplements but I’ll save that for another article or blog. Anyway, haven had solid results from Novedex XT told me that Gaspari Nutrition must be a reputable supplement company (as you know most natural testosterone boosters are crap). You can read my review on Novedex XT here.

At time of writing this review I’m not taking Superpump 250 as I’m trying a few different pre workout supplements. But more than likely I’ll go back to NO Shotgun unless I run into something I like better.

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