Supplement Stacks

Below you’ll find a list of my best muscle building and fat burning supplement stacks I’ve compiled over the my years of training. These supplement stacks cover the basics as well as products that cater to specific fitness goals.

I feel like supplement stacks are far more beneficial to reaching your fitness goals as opposed to only taking one supplement. The idea behind any supplement stack is to build a profile covers the angles necessary for performance and recovery.


Joint Relief Supplement Stack

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My Supplement Stacks

Basic Muscle Building Supplement Stack – This takes the guess work out of creating a supplement plan if you’re on a budget or simply overwhelmed by all of the supplements on the market. I cover the essentials for health as well as pre and post workout supplements.

Joint Relief Supplement Stack – Stack with two highlighted supplements proven to alleviate sore joints. If you lift heavy weights you’ve probably experienced joint pain. This supplement stack for joint relief can help.

Old School Supplement Stack – I’m turning back to clock a little to the late 80’s and early 90’s which is the era of when I started weight training. This supplement stack is actually very similar to the Basic Supplement Stack above as I’m covering the essentials along with a supplement that changed bodybuilding and strength training.

Performance and Recovery Supplement Stack – This supplement stack is designed to enhance your performance, granting you more workout intensity, and recovery to help you rebuild muscle tissue and grow.

TestoFuel & Instant Knockout Stack – This is one of my personal muscle building and fat burning stacks. It’s been said that it’s impossible to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. While you need to be on target with your training and diet, boosting testosterone and metabolism with these supplements can certainly help you get there.

TestoFuel Test Booster Supplement Stack: This is my TestoFuel test booster supplement stack that covers the basics of recover and muscle growth. This will compliment the effects of TetsoFuel.

Tried-and-True Basics – This is a list of supplements I feel are the most effective when it comes to strength training, building muscle, and enhancing recovery.

Universal Nutrition Animal Supplement Stack – One of the supplement brands I often find myself going back to are Universal Nutrition supplements (including Universal’s Animal line). This is one of my basic Universal Nutrition Animal supplements stacks with an added testosterone booster.

Best Supplement Stack

Keep in mind that there’s no magic pill or powder that’s going to transform your physique or strength in a short amount of time. However, if you’re training hard and your nutrition plan is in tact, these supplement stacks can certainly help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

I want to also mention there are a few supplements I believe you should always keep in your supplement plan. These include multi vitamins, fish oil, and whey protein and of course more of any other vitamin if you’re deficient, which often depends on individual factors such as age, sex, environment, and so forth.

My supplement stacks will include these along with other supplements that are geared towards gaining strength, enhancing performance, and building muscle.

Train with Passion,