Advanced Pre Workout Stack

This advanced preworkout stack combines what may be an excessive amount of supplements. It covers every area in regards to energy, attaining pumps, focus, increased protein synthesis, and then some.

I formulated this stack after coming back from a long vacation in Thailand. It may seem a bit on the overkill side for some. I had gone almost three weeks with minimal training and no supplements (I hit the hotel gym a few times, but nothing hardcore). I gave my body and mind a break from it all. So I wanted to start back hard.

Pre Workout Supplements

Supplement Type Serving
Purus Labs Condense preworkout 1-2
Purus Labs Creagyn creatine 1
Purus Labs Noxygen stimulant-free preworkout 1
PES AMINO IV amino acids 1-2
Prime Male test booster 1


Prime Male Test Booster for Men over 30

Energy, Focus, & Strength

Let me now break down my advanced pre workout stack. I’m covering every aspect to get me geared up to train. I’m looking for energy, focus, explosive power, strength, and the endurance to push out more sets and reps.

† Increasing protein synthesis and muscle recovery with aminos

† Stimulants in pre workout for energy

† Mental focus with pre workout

† Enhanced blood flow with the added Noxygen

† Creatine for increased muscle volume and strength

† Increased power and strength with Prime Male test booster

I will say that this advanced pre workout stack is probably not something I would take for more than 4-5 weeks. As I stated in the video, I had planned reduce my supplements as these run out.

Supplement Phases

I go through phases with supplements in general. Sometimes I’ll take what may be considered excessive, especially around my pre and post workout times. But for most of the year I just stick with the basics: 1 pre workout, aminos, protein and vitamins (creatine is usually included in my pre workout).

I may throw in a test booster or fat burner once in a while. In this advanced pre workout stack I’m taking a test booster called Prime Male. This is a supplement catered to men over 30. I don’t know if it actually increases testosterone. I take Prime Male because it helps boost my strength and gives me that edge (which is an effect on increased testosterone).

Train with Passion,