Basic Muscle Building Supplement Stack

Jason’s Basic Muscle Building Supplement Stack

You can easily spend half of your paycheck on bodybuilding and nutritional supplements if you’re not careful. So I wanted to share one of the basic supplement stacks I’ve been using for the past few years now. My goal here is to show you how to put together a basic yet effective supplement plan that won’t break the bank. In the basic supplement stack video you’ll find below, I show you the actual supplements I’m taking at that time. Whereas I do try new supplements from various supplements companies, the types of supplements I take pretty much stay the same. The only difference you may see in my supplement stack from time to time is if I throw in a testosterone boosting supplement or a fat burner. I don’t have any of those in this video though. Again, this is a basic (and cost-effective) supplement stack.

The main purpose of this basic supplement stack is to present to you a solid foundation of what supplements are effective, and have been proven over time to help with recovery and building muscle. As I stated above, you can spend a ton of money on supplements and there are plenty of supplements on the market with new one’s constantly being advertised. I think this is great as I love to see innovation and researchers finding new supplements and mixtures that will help us reach our fitness goals. The downside to that is it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the supplements, the research and studies, and all of the information (and misinformation) that’s out there. That’s why it’s good to revert back to the basics of what has already been proven to work and simplify things.

Here’s a brief rundown of the supplements:

1) Whey Protein – For this supplement stack I’m using Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Isolate. Whey protein is probably the most important supplements to weight lifters and bodybuilders, whether professional, or recreational (like me).

2) Multi-Vitamin/Training Pack – In the video I’m showing you Universal Nutrition Animal Pak for my training pack. I believe us weight trainers need more than just a regular vitamin than normal people take. Our bodies, since we break them down so much, need those extras. But if you’re on a budget, a multi-vitamin is a must, at least.

3) Pre Workout Supplement – I usually keep two pre workout supplements on deck to switch them out every few days so my body doesn’t get used to one. But for this stack I’m taking Nutrex Hemo Rage Black, the ultra concentrated version. I train in the early mornings (I’m in there by 4:45 AM) so pre workout supplements are important for me. I need help with the energy and focus.

4) & 5) – BCAAs and Creatine Post Workout – I’m putting these together because there are many post workout formulas that contain both branched chain amino acids and creatine, as well as many other ingredients to help you recover and build muscle. But in this particular supplement stack I’m taking Dymatize Elite Recoup for my BCAAs and Universal Nutrition’s Storm for my creatine supplement. Both supplements are loaded with other goodies and I’ve found these two to be an effective post workout combination.

6) Fish Oil – I started taking fish oil after reading about the numerous health benefits of fish oil and I also noticed my joint pains were going away.

Basic Supplement Stack Video


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