Joint Relief Supplement Stack


Jason’s Joint Relief Supplement Stack

Joint Relief Supplement Stack

Supplements for Sore Joints

This supplement stack may not sound very excited by the name but you may find a few of the supplements within this stack to be a necessity at times. If you’ve been lifting weights for a while then more than likely you have already, or will at some point experience sore joints. Joint pain is strange as in you may have shoulder pain for a few weeks and then knee pain for another few weeks. For me, joint pain has come and gone but I’ve found that if I start taking a reliable supplement that’s proven to relieve sore joints the pain isn’t as severe and it usually subsides quickly.

I’m going to highlight two supplements I take for joint relief. Since this is a supplement stack, I’m also going to list the rest of the supplements you can take that may not be relevant to relieving joint pain. These are supplements like pre and post workout supplements, multi-vitamins, protein powder, etc. My intent here is to create a well-rounded supplement stack, yet catered to joint relief.

First I’ll go over the non-relevant supplements to joint pain I’m taking in this stack. These are supplements I normally take with any supplement regimen I’m on (BCAAs, creatine, etc). I’ll also list the brands, though those usually change as I’m always trying new supplements. This will be followed by the two relevant supplements for sore joints.

Jason’s Joint Relief Supplement Stack Video

Non-Relevant Supplements for Joint Relief

Whey Protein – Dymatize Elite

Multi-Vitamins – Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Pre Workout – Warrior Labz Amp3d

Intra Workout – Gaspari Nutrition Aminolast

Post Workout – Universal Nutrition Storm

Relevant Supplements for Joint Relief

Spring Valley Fish Oil

USPlabs SuperCissus

Fish oil is something I take consistently in my supplement regimen. There’s a ton of health and heart benefits to taking fish oil, and fish oil is also known to soothe joint pain. The other, and probably the main highlight of this joint relief supplement stack is SuperCissus by USPlabs. This supplement contains the extract Cissus Quadrangularis. Cissus is said to support healthy muscles and bones, and delivers nutrients to the tendons.

This stack is a little different from many of the old supplements that contain glucosamine, choindroitin, and msm. I’ve personally never had any luck with those ingredients anyway. But I can attest to the combination of fish oil and cissus quadrangularis being extremely helpful to relieving my joint pain on more than one occasion. So if you’re experiencing sore joints, try this stack.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth