Performance and Recovery Supplement Stack


Jason’s Performance and Recovery Supplement Stack

This supplement stack I’m sharing with you consists of the types of supplements I take pretty much year-round. It’s a basic stack yet it covers what I feel are the essentials for optimal performance and recovery. You need that edge for performance to train with intensity. More importantly, you need supplements that help you recover in order to rebuild muscle tissue, lose body fat, and function at optimal levels, which in turn enhances your performance as well. For this supplement stack I’ll give you specific supplements I’m using.

Supplements for Performance and Recovery

Type of Supplement When Supplement Brand
Whey Protein post workout, between meals Dymatize Elite Whey
Multi-Vitamin twice a day with meals Controlled Labs Orange Triad
Pre Workout before workout MusclePharm Assault
Post BCAAs immediate post workout Dymatize Elite Recoup
Post Workout Creatine immediate post workout ISS Complete Creatine Power
Fish Oil twice a day with meals Kirkland’s Fish Oil

A high quality multi-vitamin and whey protein are always my top priorities in my supplement stacks. If I were broke and could only afford the minimum, those would be my go-to supplements. And beyond that, I feel a high quality multi-vitamin is the most important (you can always get protein from whole food sources). I’m using Orange Triad from Controlled Labs and Dymatize Elite Whey Isolate (the all natural version). I’ll admit I rely on pre workout supplements now. I’ve tried nothing, I’ve tried just caffeine, and I’ve tried coffee. But my workouts are always 100% better and more intense with a solid pre workout supplement. In this supplement stack I had just started using Assault from MusclePharm which works extremely well for me.

As I stated in the video, recovery is of utmost importance in any supplement stack, so I harp on recovery here. I usually take some sort of BCAA supplement with creatine monohydrate immediate post workout (I’ll have my post workout shake about 30 minutes later). In this case I’m using Dymatize Elite Recoup for BCAAs, which is also loaded with B vitamins and contains glutamine; all great for recovery. And I’m mixing that with ISS Complete Creatine Monohydrate (made with Creapure). Lastly, I’m taking fish oil, Kirkland’s Omega-3 Fish Oil (this is the Costco brand). I must note that whey protein and multi-vitamins also lean towards recovery.

This is a solid performance and recovery supplement stack that will indeed grant results if you’re training hard and your diet is on key. You don’t have to necessarily use the exact same supplements I’m using for this stack. For example, you may respond better to another type of pre workout supplement such as Animal Rage from Universal or Jack3d from USPlabs. I’m digging the MusclePharm Assault so I definitely recommend trying that. But the point is to use these types of supplements at specific times for optimal recovery and performance.

Train with Passion,