Test Booster Fat Burner Stack

Building muscle and burning fat simultaneously is said to be almost impossible. It’s the greatest challenge to bodybuilders, physique competitors, and anyone who wants their body to look good.

I’m going share some tips for this and also cover a test booster fat burner stack that may help you reach this goal.

TestoFuel and Instant Knockout Stack

In short, to build muscle, your body requires more calories and less cardiovascular activity. The downside of bulking is you tend to gain a little fat.

To get shredded you need to reduce your overall calorie intake and do more cardio. Unfortunately you may lose some muscle during this process.

The trick is to keep your body in an anabolic state (aka muscle building) while keeping your calories and activity balanced.

There’s no question that intense workouts and keeping a close eye on your nutrition are key here. You need to build lean muscle but you also need to burn off and keep off excess fat.

Boosting Test and Raising Metabolism

  1. One answer is to increase your testosterone output. We all know that boosting testosterone is a sure way to build muscle.
  2. Secondly, you need to provide your body with the ability to increase metabolism and covert those calories into energy.


While diet and exercise are key, it’s often not enough to get to that extreme level. This is where specific supplements can help. I have two favorites that when combined formulate a potent testosterone boosting and fat burning stack.

Obviously you have to be on key with your training and diet. This is my recommended test booster fat burner stack.

Gaining Lean Muscle with TestoFuel

TestoFuel has been my top testosterone boosting supplement for several years. Now, there are a ton of test boosters out there so you may ask ‘how is TestoFuel different from other testosterone boosters?’ In short, it has a unique blend of high quality ingredients and the bottom line is it delivers results.

TestoFuel New

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Get Shredded with Instant Knockout

I’ve said this on many occasions and I’ll say it again; I’ve never been a huge fan of fat burners in general. That all changed when I tried Instant Knockout for the first time. I quickly found this was more than just the standard stimulant rush. While Instant Knockout gives your metabolism a boost and helps you workout harder, it turns your body into a fat burning machine throughout the day even when you’re not training.

Instant Knockout Review

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Test Booster Fat Burner Stack

Even with the most powerful supplements you still have to be on top of your game in the gym. You can’t go in there and half-ass it. You need to train with intensity and exhaust the muscle.  This is how you build.

TestoFuel will help you with the drive to train like you need to and will also help your body recover, which is necessary to increase muscle mass.

This same concept applies to your plate. You can’t eat junk every day and expect to burn fat. A cheat meal here and there is one thing, but every meal can’t be a cheat meal. You need to feed your body quality protein and carbs from healthy sources.

Taking Instant Knockout with a ‘get ripped‘ diet is a sure way see those striations pop out.

Building Muscle While Burning Fat

The take away here is you can indeed build muscle while burning fat. Keep in mind that neither process will be a quick one though, even with this potent TestoFuel-Instant Knockout stack.

However, it’s healthier and easier on your body to build muscle and decrease fat in small increments rather than doing the old school extreme bulking and cutting phases.

My recommended test booster fat burner stack isn’t a magic formula, but it can certainly help you get the physique you want more efficiently.

Train with Passion,