Universal Animal Test and GH Max Stack

Animal Test and GH Max Supplement Stack

Universal Animal Test and GH Max StackThis supplement stack features two of my all time favorite supplements: Animal Test and GH Max from Universal Nutrition. Before I stacked these two supplements together I had taken them on their own several times in the past. I had gotten such great results from both I decided one day to stack them. After all, the ‘real’ testosterone and growth hormone cycle is one of the most powerful stacks for building muscle. Obviously I wasn’t expecting roid-like results with over the counter supplements. However, I stacked Animal Test with GH Max in hopes of some substantial results in mass and strength.

Increased testosterone and growth hormone in any sense delivers a ton of benefits beyond just getting big. There are numerous health benefits for men, especially older men, when testosterone and GH levels are raised. In fact, low testosterone can lead to poor health and deadly diseases. You can do your own research and you’ll quickly see the positive benefits of boosting testosterone and growth hormone levels. So my goal with stacking Universal’s Animal Test with GH Max was more than just gaining muscle. I was seeking all of the benefits related.

Universal Animal Test – Test and GH Stack

Among all of the over the counter testosterone boosters and mass builders Animal Test has been one of my top test boosting supplements. This stuff has always helped me gain more muscle mass and increased my strength every time I’ve taken it. The first time I tried Animal Test I only took it for 3 weeks and I noticed decent results towards the end of the cycle. Every time thereafter I took Animal Test for a full 6 weeks as recommended, and my strength was through the roof. My muscles had that full look and my physique was looking more like a bodybuilder’s physique. Granted, I’ve never been huge so to speak (huge is relative) but let’s just say my gains were noticeable by my peers. It does take a couple weeks to kick in, which I believe is why the 6 week cycle is recommended. You can read my full review of Animal Test here: Jason’s Universal Nutrition Animal Test Review.

Universal GH Max – Test and GH Stack

Let me start by saying that Universal GH Max is not a substantial muscle building supplement on its’ own. What I mean by that is you’re more than likely not going to gain a ton of muscle mass right away. It’s also not a substitute for taking actual HGH. However, as soon as I started taking GH Max I noticed my quality of sleep was improved 100%. My sleep was a lot deeper than usual and I woke up extremely rested. And we all know that natural growth hormone levels can be increased with deep quality sleep.¬†This is important for me since I train early mornings.I took my GH Max a little differently than what the label recommends though (it’s recommended to split up the dose but I took my full dose before bed). You can read my full GH Max review here: Jason’s Universal GH Max Review.

Animal Test and GH Max Stack Results

So the big question is did I see any substantial results with the Animal Test and GH Max Stack? Well, I already knew that I was pleased with the results of both supplements prior to this experience. I assumed they would work extremely well together, especially with what we know about stacking testosterone and growth hormone. If a supplement even comes close to mimicking this stack then you can count on gaining more muscle mass and strength.

I noticed all of the benefits of Animal Test during this test and GH stack. Simply put, I was getting bigger and stronger. Before I had started Animal Test and GH Max I had hit a plateau and it seemed like I was just maintaining. Of course the longer you’ve been training, and also with age, your muscle gains become more subtle. The days of making huge jumps in mass and strength are pretty much over. It’s now more of a cumulative effect with time and consistency. All that being said, I was on definitely starting to gain after a couple of weeks of Animal Test.¬†With GH Max, the quality of my sleep was greatly enhanced, as expected.

Together I felt like GH Max complimented the already powerful effects of taking Animal Test. Looking back, I gained more lean muscle mass taking these supplements together than I did back when I was only taking one of them (of course my gains were better taking Animal Test alone as opposed to taking GH Max alone). I did gain some strength but it seemed like my muscle was leaner with the text and GH cycle than before. Here’s a quick breakdown of how I took Universal Animal Test and GH Max:

Universal Animal Test: 1 serving per day for 6 weeks

Universal GH Max: 1 serving every night before bed for 8 months

Test and GH Cycle – Universal Nutrition

In every Universal Nutrition supplement review I’ve done you’ll notice I commend Universal for creating such powerful products. As I stated earlier, Animal Test is one of the few testosterone boosters and muscle builders that lives up to its claims. GH Max has always given me that deep and restful sleep. The awesome thing about GH Max is the effect never wears off on me. I don’t believe it’s a sleep aid either, but that’s the effect is has on me. This is definitely a worthy natural test and GH cycle if you’re looking for the best gains possible from over the counter supplements. I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s a replacement for testosterone and HGH. But I will say that stacking Animal Test and GH Max should grant good results for just about anyone.

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