Universal Nutrition Animal Supplement Stack


Jason’s Universal Nutrition Animal Supplement Stack

One of the supplement brands I’ve used the most in my years of weight training has been Universal Nutrition supplements. Whereas I do try other brands and types of supplements from time to time I often find myself reverting back to Universal Nutrition supplements. I’ve always responded well to and have gotten results from Universal and Animal supplements.

This is a very basic supplement stack, like most of my sup plans. As with most of my supplement regimens, I cover here what I feel are essentials along with pre and post workout supplements. I’m also throwing in an extra product from Universal which is a natural testosterone booster. This Universal Nutrition supplement stack is definitely designed for building strength and muscle.

Universal Animal Supplements

1) Animal Pak – daily multi vitamin/training pack

2) Animal Rage – pre workout

3) Universal Atomic 7 – BCAAs/glutamine (post workout)

4) Universal Storm – creatine/arginine matrix (post workout)

5) Animal Stak – daily testosterone booster

When taking this supplement stack, I take Animal Pak with my post workout shake. I just took 1 pack a day. Atomic-7 and Storm are my post workout supplements and I took these together in the beginning but later started splitting them up. I started taking Storm immediately after my weight training then I would sip on a serving of Atomic-7 during my cardio which I walk for about 30 minutes.

Universal Nutrition has been around since 1977. They’ve been widely known as a reputable supplement company and probably have the most hardcore following then any other supplement company.

Universal Nutrition Animal Supplement Stack Video