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TestoTurbo X3 Review – Explicit Nutrition

I was sent a new testosterone boosting supplement to try directly from Explicit Nutrition a while back called TestoTurbo X3. I’m always excited to try a new test booster yet at the same time, skeptical. Of course the first thing I did when I received TestoTurbo in the mail was looked over the label and did a little research on the ingredients (at least the one’s I wasn’t as familiar with). Impressed with the ingredients, I started taking it the next day.

TestoTurbo X3 from Explicit Nutrition claims to be an all natural testosterone boosters with the added benefits of inhibiting estrogen and having an enhanced delivery system. The ingredients in TestoTurbo are promoted to build thicker muscle tissue while increasing strength. It also balances hormones rather than merely blocking estrogen. We all know that men need some estrogen but the testosterone and estrogen levels must be precise levels in order to work. The nutrient delivery allows your body to get the maximum results from the ingredients.

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My Dosage of TestoTurbo

One bottle of TestoTurbo contains 30 servings. I took one serving each morning with my post workout shake. It states to take with food and I don’t eat enough before my workouts to constitute as a meal (I train very early mornings). My post workout shake is loaded with protein and carbs so that seemed like an ideal time for me to take my TestoTurbo.

My TestoTurbo Review and Experience

TestoTurbo Review - Explicit NutritionThe main change I noticed when taking TestoTurbo was I had more energy, not only during my workouts, but throughout the day. I felt better overall. I didn’t seem to gain much strength with it but I noticed I was able to workout longer and with more intensity. I also noticed a few subtle changes in my physique, mainly my muscles being harder and more defined. I was also dropping body fat without any loss of strength. As I expected, my sex drive was increased. In fact, my overall drive and focus seemed to be heightened which is a huge plus.

Although I didn’t experience any substantial results regarding strength I was pleased with the enhanced body composition. I must note that I didn’t change my diet (I rarely do despite what I’m taking) and my workouts were the same. What I imagine was happening was the nutrient delivery may have been helping with the partitioning of nutrients, not only with the supplement but as my food in general. I also slept better, even though I took TestoTurbo in the mornings.

TestoTurbo Label

I usually don’t spend much time reviewing the label of supplements. I expect you to look it up and research the ingredients for yourself because ultimately you have to make the decision to take a supplement or not. But I want to point out that the first part of the label displays the old school ZMA formula with some added Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. I like to see those ingredients in any supplement because they’re proven to be effective. The matrix for boosting testosterone and inhibiting estrogen are also quality ingredients. Whether they truly boost test levels is up for debate but they are known to grant the attributes of increased testosterone.

I try my best not to sound like I’m hyping up any supplement because no over the counter supplement of any kind has ever giving phenomenal results.¬†As I’ll state with any natural testosterone booster, you shouldn’t expect steroid-like gains. If you do, you will be very disappointed. However, TestoTurbo does contain some key ingredients that should grant you some of the benefits of increased testosterone.

I’ll conclude with TestoTurbo is certainly worth trying. I would recommend taking it for at least 60 days though. That’s not a sales pitch; from my experience with natural testosterone boosters, you really need to give it several weeks for maximum results. I’d like to add that this is an extremely health conscience test booster. I’d be very surprised if someone were to take TestoTurbo and not get any results (meaning I would question their training and diet).

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TestoTurbo Review

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