Total War Review: Pre Workout

Pre workout supplements have become a must-have for serious gym-goers. I’ll admit that I rely on these myself. I train early mornings so I need something to get me going. That said, I want to share my Total War review with you.

Total War Pre Workout

Total War is a pre workout supplement from Redcon1 (I had never heard of this company until now). The highlights of this preworkout include energy and strength, increased workout intensity, mental focus, pumps and vascularity, and increased motivation.

Redcon1 claims that Total War is what every pre workout supplement wishes it was. This is supposedly backed by Redcon1 adding more fire power into each serving than other preworkouts. Let’s check out my Total War review to see if it lives up to its promises.


My Total War Review

I was told by a friend in the industry that Total War was one of the strongest preworkouts available. So I was expecting that big surge of energy to hit me. And by taking a glance at the label, it seemed to have the major ingredients of what I would expect for a pre workout (and then some).

Speaking of the Total War label, I noticed that each ingredient is clearly listed with the amounts. This is huge to me as I’m not a fan of proprietary blends.

I started out taking just one scoop of Total War. I was a little disappointed on the first day. I didn’t get that surge that I had expected. But I did get a good workout that day and had the sustainable energy I needed.

After a couple days I bumped it up to two scoops of Total War. I had much better results. Granted, that immediate surge still wasn’t there. But I was getting more intense workouts and better pumps. I also had more explosive power and was getting a little stronger. Now let me break down the pros and con.

Total War Pros:

  • Sustainable energy during workouts
  • More intense workouts
  • Great for explosive lifts and getting stronger
  • Ability to workout longer (I increased my training volume)
  • Noticeable pumps

Total War Cons:

  • It took 2 scoops for me
  • Effects may wear down over time

Total War Final Thoughts

Total War seems to be a solid preworkout supplement. It’s not my ultimate favorite but it gets the job done. I’ll more than likely try it again. I’ve noticed that sometimes you may get a weaker batch of performance enhancing supplements (for example, I’m taking something at the moment for the second time and I’m not getting the same effects I got the first time). So I’ll give Total War another try.

If I had to rate Total War, I would give it 7/10. The sustainable energy and increased intensity during workouts are the purpose of pre workout supplements. You want to be able to train longer and harder. With that comes the pumps, and Total War delivered in that department too. It’s certainly worth giving a shot.

Train with Passion,


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