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Jason’s Review of Viridex XT | Gaspari Nutrition

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Viridex XT Highlights:

> Natural testosterone booster

> PCT (post cycle therapy)

> Supports lean muscle growth and recovery


A few years ago I tried a testosterone boosting supplement that I actually noticed some decent results from: Novedex XT from Gaspari Nutrition. Unfortunately this supplement was taken off the market (beginning of 2011, if I’m not mistaken). I was looking for something that would grant me similar results, which was enhancing body composition and decreasing body fat while maintaining, or even gaining a little strength. You know, kind of what a testosterone booster would do. Now I realize that no over the counter test booster is going to make you gain 10 lbs of muscle is one month but there are actually a hand-full of products out there that you can get consistent results from. I came across the advertisement for Viridex XT in an issue of Muscular Development. After reading up on this supplement it seemed to me this could be a replacement for Novedex XT, and perhaps even better. Needless to say, I was anxious to try Viridex.

My Use/Dosage of Gaspari Nutrition Viridex XT

The label states that you can take 1 capsule per day which would last 60 days and for better results, take 2 a day. Of course I took 2 each day for 3 weeks. On the 4th week I was going on vacation and decided to take that week off from weight training to give me body and my joints a rest. During that time I only took 1 capsule per day since I wasn’t training. Although I was in the gym the week after vacation I continued with 1 capsule per day until I ran out.

My Experience with Gaspari Viridex XT

As with most over the counter testosterone boosters I cannot state whether or not my actual testosterone levels were increased by Viridex XT as I did not get my levels tested by a doctor before and after. However, we can pretty much tell when our test levels are spiked; libido is up, you’re gaining strength, body composition looks tighter, less fat, strength increases, and better overall sense of well-being. And I felt a little of all of these things while taking Viridex, especially into the 2nd week (there was no immediate reaction or results the first several days). The biggest change I noticed was my body composition and increased muscularity. I was dropping some body fat yet my strength has gone up just a little.

Pros: Viridex helped me increase my strength some while losing body fat. Perfect for someone who wants to go the all natural route and making subtle, yet consistent gains. Price; compared to it’s competitor’s Viridex is fairly inexpensive.

Cons: Don’t expect substantial gains from just Viridex alone.

One of the things I like about Gaspari Nutrition in general is that the founder and CEO of Gaspari is someone who lives and breathes bodybuilding. Rich Gaspari was known as the Dragon Slayer in his competition days, going up against mass monsters. He was one of the bodybuilder’s responsible for setting a new standard for condition. Many supplement companies just endorse other bodybuilders to make you think they look the way they do by taking their supplements. So I personally have a lot of respect when someone puts their name and face behind their company and actually practices what they preach.

I would certainly take Viridex again but it’s probably not a supplement I would include as part of my staples, which are just the basics. But I would be willing to take Viridex.

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Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth