VMI Train Pre Workout Review

Before I start my pre workout supplement reviews, I like to give a little background on the product and what it claims to do. The goal of any pre workout supplement is simple and entails buzz words such as focus, energy, pumps, etc. In this write-up I’ll be sharing my Train pre-workout review.

If I had to sum up VMI Train into one thought it would be the term vasolidation. This has to do with increased blood flow and the pump we all seek in our workouts. Let’s breakdown exactly what VMI Train is and does, and then I’ll talk about my own experience with Train pre-workout.

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What is VMI Train?

In short, VMI Train is advertised as as vasolidation and endurance super fuel. It’s said to have a unique blend of ingredients that help increase blood flow and causing extreme pumps. Along with that, it contains an energy blends with ingredients that enhance both energy and focus.

Train pre-workout also contains a mineral blend to help with hydration and recovery. This may be essential if you’re training form,one periods of time.

My Experience with Train Pre-Workout

As you may know, I’m constantly trying out different pre workout supplements. VMI train was recommended by a gym buddy as I had just ran out of whatever’s and been taking. Although I’d never heard of this stuff, I decided to go with his advice and picked up a canister of Train pre-workout.

As with most pre workout supplements I’m trying for the first time, I started with one scoop. I must note that I had just finish one of the stronger pre workouts (high in stims). So that one scoop quickly got bumped up to 2 scoops the next day. And those soon became two well-rounded scoops.

My energy levels were somewhat steady throughout my workouts but I never had that surge of energy like some other supplements give you. That’s not necessarily good or bad; it depends on what you’re looking for. The pumps were there so I can attest to that. I’ll give a clear breakdown below with my personal pros and cons for VMI Train.

Train Pre-Workout Review Breakdown

I typically desire a high stimulant-based pre workout supplement. As you know, I train in the early mornings so I need that surge. Train pre-workout wasn’t quite cutting it for me in that area.

I can certainly attest to the pumps Train grants you. I did feel my muscles were more expanded during my workouts for the three weeks I was on Train. I can also say that although I didn’t experience that surge, my energy levels were somewhat sustainable. I can probably compare the energy to a cup of coffee for me.

Train Pre-Workout Pros

Vasolidation works as claimed, sustainable energy is somewhat ok, no jitters, no crash; great for someone not looking for high stims.

Train Pre-Workout Cons

The surge just wasn’t there for me.

Conclusion: Train Pre-Workout Review

My final thoughts are Train is probably better suited for two things. One is for someone not looking for a product high in stimulants. In fact, it’s good to take a break from supplements that are high in stims from time to time. I was probably due for that.

Two, I think Train may be better for endurance workouts and perhaps not so much for weight training. It seems to be geared towards that anyway. Of course you may have a different experience with Train in that regard. We’re all different and may respond differently to certain blends of ingredients.

By no means am I saying Train pre-workout is a bad supplement or doesn’t work. Again, this is from my own personal experience and yours may be different from mine. And I know a few others that love this stuff. On that note, I’d say VMI Train it’s certainly worth trying.

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