315 lb Incline Barbell PressMost Most of us have no problem with motivation to hit the gym. Working out is part of our lives; we live to build muscle and we’re passionate about working out. Below you’ll find sections for full workouts, workouts by body part, and a link to my free training log.

You’ll find everything from beginner’s workouts to advanced bodybuilding and powerbuilding workouts. I’ve also included cardio workouts and abdominal and core workouts in the ‘Workouts by Body Part’ section.

Workouts by Body Part

Abdominal & Core – Exercise routines for abs and core.

Cardio – Various types of cardio routines and exercises.

Chest – Workouts and exercises to build your chest and increase strength.

Back – Workouts and exercises to build a thick and wide back.

Legs – Workouts and exercises to build big, strong legs.

Calves – Workouts and exercises for calves.

Shoulder – Workouts and exercises to build bigger and broader shoulders.

Traps – Workouts and exercises for traps.

Biceps Workouts – Workouts and exercises to build bulging biceps.

Triceps Workouts – Workouts and exercises to build huge triceps.

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Weight Training Exercises

Chest Exercises – List of chest exercises and how to perform each exercise.

Back Exercises – List of back exercises and how to perform each exercise.

More to come!

Full Workouts

Beginner’s Workout – Full basic workout program for those just getting into weight training.

5 x 5 Workout – The 5 x 5 workout is a well-known strength training program. This is my own version of the program which ensures every muscle gets worked directly. This is a great program for gaining strength and muscle mass. 

10 x 10 Workout – The 10 x 10 workout is also known as the German Volume Training. The idea is to increase training volume to pump more blood into the muscle and expand the muscle. This type of workout is known to help put on size fairly quickly.

Related Workout Info

The Bench Press Page – Tips to help increase your bench press.

eMuscle – eBooks for workouts, training tips, and diet plans.

Training Log – Free downloadable training log to keep track of your weight training and cardio workouts as well as daily supplements.

Fitness Articles – Fitness articles related to weight training tips and more.

Weightlifting Techniques

These are just a few weight lifting techniques you can use. It’s a good idea to make subtle changes in your workout program every now and then in order to shock your muscle into growth. You can use one of these weight lifting techniques for a couple of weeks then switch to another depending on your goals.


Focusing on the negative part of the movement by taking several seconds on the descent. Negatives are great for building mass and strength.

Drop Sets

Drop sets are when you perform a set then immediately decrease the amount of weight for another set (some do this a 3rd time). This is a great weight lifting technique for reaching complete muscle failure.

Rest Pause Sets

Doing rest-pause sets is probably the most effective way to completely exhaust the muscle. Similar to drop sets, you stick with the same exercise. The difference is you rest 7-10 seconds and perform another set with the same weight. You can do this once for a complete set or extend the rest pause set.


Supersets are a great way to burn extra calories as you’re going from one exercise to the next with minimal or no rest in between exercises.

Explosive Reps – Training with explosive reps will help you get stronger and build muscle.

Weight Training Tips

I’m going to go over a few weight training tips for gaining size and strength. You may already be applying some or all of these but we all need a refresher sometimes. These weight training tips will help you break through to the next level of building mass and strength.

Training Until Failure on Occasion

I don’t recommend training until failure all the time, every set. Training to failure should only be done periodically, and when done, the workouts and training volume need to be shorter. This is a simple concept but it takes a lot of mental energy. You’ll need a couple (or perhaps a few) warm up sets before you go all-out. Go to failure on your last one or two sets for that exercise. Do this for a couple weeks then give your muscles a rest from it.

Volume Training

Change your training volume every few weeks. Try doing four to five sets for about five exercises for several weeks then switch to lower volume with more intensity, something like two to three sets for four exercises.

Feel the Muscle Working

Don’t just go through the motions. You’re not merely moving weight; your goal is to build the muscle so you have to feel the muscle working.

A few points to remember hit the gym is to train with intensity and concentrate on proper form when lifting weights. Also, training consistency is important if you want to build lean muscle mass. This way you’ll get the most out of your muscle building workouts. Tap into the mental aspect of training and pour 100% focus into every set, every rep and every session. As mentioned above, you should also try a variety of techniques such as drop sets, negatives, supersets, varying rep ranges, volume training and training until failure.

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