Massive Back Workout


Light Deadlifts Finish

Building a massive back requires heavy weights but it’s imperative to use good form. With back exercises many have the tendency to just lift the weight especially on exercises like barbell rows and dumbbell rows. You need to go heavy on these and overload the muscle but you need to make sure you get a full range of motion and squeeze your back muscles at the top of each movement. In fact you can go as far as holding the weight for a second or two at the top of each rep.

Back, like legs are often neglected by some or often take secondary precedence in some people’s workout plan. But the truth is you need to train your back harder than any other upper body muscle group as back makes up the majority of upper body muscle mass. Also, I personally like to add a little more volume to my back workouts than with other upper body muscle groups.

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Massive Back Workout – Huge Lats & Dense Muscle

The massive back workout consists of a few basic muscle building exercises using heavy weights with a lower rep range on most sets. Deadlifts and barbell rows are known for building muscle mass. You may want to warm up with a couple of sets of pull-ups before getting started. You’ll certainly build a massive back from this workout routine.

Back Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlifts 4 5
Barbell Rows 4 6-10
Dumbbell Rows 4 10
Lat Pulldowns 4 10

Tips for Building a Massive Back

Full Range of Motion: With some muscle groups you can stop just before locking out or you may not go all the way on the descent of some exercises; this is usually due to you want to work your muscles and save your joints. However, you need to use full range of motion for back exercises.

Use Proper Form: For back exercises it’s important to use proper form otherwise you’re not going to get the full benefit of the exercise. You’ll feel your back muscles working if you’re using good form. If you’re not, you’re really not working your back.

Overloading the Muscle: This equates to using heavy weights but as stated above, don’t sacrifice good form.

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