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Jason’s Powerbuilding Back Workout

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Powerbuilding is a mixture of powerlifting and bodybuilding exercise philosophies. Most of the mass monsters of bodybuilding will attest to gaining their size powerlifting in their younger years. Many still incorporate powerlifting movements to continue gaining dense muscle mass. There’s no doubt that doing compound movements using heavy weights will build solid muscle mass. But the other half of powerbuilding is to also define and shape the muscle.

This is where the mix of bodybuilding style workouts come in where you’re focusing more on muscle contractions.The bottom line on powerbuilding is that it’s an excellent way to get big, get strong, build quality muscle mass, and also define your muscles. Your using both high and low rep ranges along with heavy compound exercises and isolation exercises.

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Powerbuilding Back Workout – Strength & Definition

Powerbuilding is an excellent way to get big, strong, and build slabs of muscle especially for back. This powerbuilding workout for back combines heavy compound movements with heavy weight and low reps and gradually adds more reps each exercises thereafter. This back workout is a good way to add both mass and detail to your back muscles.

Back Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlifts 5 5
Barbell Rows 4 6-8
Dumbbell Rows 4 10-12
Lat Pulldowns 4 12-15

Powerbuilding Tips for Back

Use Heavy Weights: Heavy weight is the key to adding muscle mass but don’t sacrifice your form on back exercises.

No Partial Reps: To get the most out of your back training you have to use full range of motion on every back exercise to really work the muscle. Some find it difficult to get a good back pump and feel the muscle working. Using full range of motion will take care of this problem.

Train All-Out: Move the weight until you can’t move it anymore and then some.

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