Massive Chest Workout

Jason’s Massive Chest Workout

315 lb Bench Press

Building a massive chest requires heavy weights with a mixture of exercises and sets that will give your chest a good pump. Some think that just doing a few low rep sets using heavy weights will do the trick but that’s more for power and strength. Building muscle mass for chest requires a bit more dynamics in your training. So it’s essential to incorporate both heavy compound exercises for chest using a low to moderate rep range (increasing the weight each set) and end with hammering out more reps to increase flood flow to the muscle.

Remember, heavy weights and compound exercises do indeed build muscle mass. However, there are other mass building elements as well. We’re not powerlifting here, we’re building the muscle tissue. That’s why the flye movements are included, and I encourage you to feel the muscle work on these; don’t just go through the motions.

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Massive Chest Workout – Build Huge Pecs

The name say it all; this workout is catered towards helping you build a massive chest. As you can see you’ll start out with heavy pressing movements and stay with this throughout most of the workout. Remember to increase the weight a little each set and train until you reach muscle failure. This chest workout definitely requires a trusted spotter especially on the chest pressing movements. You want to train with heavy weights and overload the muscle by pushing until you can’t push anymore and then some.

You’ll end your chest workout with either incline dumbbell flyes or some sort of cable exercise (whichever you prefer). The idea here is to pump out more reps. This doesn’t necessarily mean use light weight and don’t just go through the motions. Make sure you get a good squeeze on every rep and feel the muscle working. Here’s the massive chest workout. Also, below you’ll find more tips on chest building.

Chest Exercise Sets Reps
Flat Barbell Press 4 6-8
Incline Barbell Press 4 6-10
Flat Dumbbell Flyes 4 6-10
Cable Flyes/Crossovers 4 12-15

Tips for Building a Massive Chest

Negatives: You’ll see that I talk about negatives a lot within this site. There are two types of negatives; there’s the negative rep done at the end of a set where you take several seconds to lower the weight on the descent of the movement. But there’s also the concept of simply controlling the weight on the descent on every rep which is what you should be doing. Remember you want to build the muscle not just merely lift the weight from one position to the next.

Feeling the Muscle Work: That last sentence on negatives…read it again. When you control the weight rather than just lift it you’re going to feel your muscle burning which will create a tremendous pump.

Muscle Failure and Muscle Overload: Go heavy. Using heavy weights is the best way to overload the muscle. And don’t stop when you reach a certain rep; keeping pushing until you can’t push anymore.

Trusted and Quality Spotter: I’ve seen a lot of people lift the weight up for their training partner; this is not a true spot and if you’re doing this you’re cheating your training partner. It’s obviously ok to help with those last few reps but your spotter should be making you work for it. Get a good spotter and be a good spotter.

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