How to Increase Your Bench Press


How to Increase Your Bench Press

I’m going to start out on a personal note by saying I’ve never had a big bench press. This exercise had always been a struggle; I had no clue how to increase my bench press.

I remember years ago when I was in junior college being intimidated by this one kid. I was stuck at getting 185 lbs for just two or three reps.

This guy came over, waling all cocky, and asked if he could try it and then said ‘I might not be able to get as many as you did.’

He pumped out about 12 easy reps. I walked away upset and frustrated that day.

#1 Rule to Increase Your Bench

Of course my bench press increased over the years with consistent training and eating enough good foods.

The concept of that last sentence is extremely important, not only with weight training but with anything you want to be successful at in life.


Even if you don’t aspire to be a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter you still want to get bigger and stronger. And we all want a big bench.

The competition most of us face in the iron game is the person in the mirror. We want to be better than the person we saw in the mirror yesterday.

Consistency is the key to increase your bench press.

Big Bench Press


Hey Bro, How Much Can You Bench?

When people notice that you lift weights the question you often hear is ‘how much can you bench press?’ or ‘what’s your max?

The question of how much can you bench press really leads to an inaccurate example of strength though. True strength should also be measured by the other compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, barbell rows and so forth.

Whether you’re a pro powerlifter or bodybuilding, or like me, just a strength training enthusiast, we want to be strong on every lift.

I’m now going to give you tips on how to increase your bench press as well as the other lifts.

405 big bench

Weightlifting Techniques to Increase Your Bench Press

Below are some basic weightlifting techniques that will show you how to increase your bench press. These can also be applied to all compound exercises and muscles.

  • 5 X 5 Powerlifting Technique – This is an old school weight lifting technique known to build strength and is often done for bench press.  You want to do a couple of warm up sets first then throw on some heavy weight and do 5 sets of 5 reps for bench press. Do this once a week. 5 x 5 will certainly grant you a big bench.
  • Negative Reps – Doing negatives (taking several seconds on the descent of the lift, lowering the bar towards your chest) forces you to control the weight. Negatives are usually performed on the last set of bench press and the last rep or two. If you really want to know how to increase your bench press, do negatives.
  • Forced Reps – This should go without saying but you really need a trusted spotter when you’re doing forced reps on bench press. You need someone who isn’t going to help you too much and will make you work for those extra reps. Forced reps will make you grow and will make you have a big bench.
  • Rest-Pause – The rest-pause principle is a great way to increase both muscle mass and strength. This is where you perform a set followed by 7-8 seconds of rest then perform another set with the same weight. Many will often repeat this so that it’s like three sets in one. Rest-pause sets are more of a bodybuilding technique but can also help you get a big bench.
  • Training Back and Legs – It’s also important to work all body parts with equal amount of attention and dedication. Having a strong back and legs will increase your overall strength. If you want to increase your bench press you also need to be doing movements like squats and deadlifts.

up your max bench press by 50 lbs in 10 weeks

Building Both Chest Size and Strength

The best chest exercises for mass and strength simple. Obviously doing bench press is the best exercise for increasing your bench press.

There are some other exercises you should be doing if you want to know how to increase your bench press.

Executing these chest exercises properly is what we’re concerned with. The weights will be heavy and you’re going to be using what’s called a power-building technique which is a mixture of powerlifting and bodybuilding techniques.

The powerlifting techniques will help you to lift massive loads and the bodybuilding techniques implemented will help you get the most out of each rep in regards to building the muscle. This will help you get a big bench and gain muscle mass.

The below exercises will not only help you increase your bench press but also will promote muscle growth.

Don’t forget to consume a lot of quality calories and get proper rest as these are essentials for muscle growth and recovery.

Bench Press

There are a lot of misconceptions with the bench press. Some claim it causes injuries, which it certainly has the potential to. If at all possible, you need to implement the bench press as it will give you solid mass.

Incline Bench Press

It’s been said by pro bodybuilders that you can’t have too much upper chest development. Incline barbell press will certainly build and shape your chest like no other exercise. It’s a good idea to alternate this chest exercise every other week with bench press, doing it first.

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbells will quickly let you know if one side is stronger than the other. Both flat and incline dumbbell presses are excellent mass builders. You can alternate them each week (flat, incline).

Hammer Strength Chest Machines

I’m personally not a huge fan of machines in general but Hammer Strength machines are an exception. Hammer Strength Chest presses (flat, incline, and decline) mimic the true movement of the exercise and allows you to concentrate on the muscle contraction.

How to Increase Your Bench Press

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to increase your bench press. This hits home for me. As I said in the beginning, getting a big bench was a struggle for me.

Try my ‘how to increase your bench press‘ tips and let me know how this works for you. Also, check out the link below to the world’s greatest bench press and strength training program by Mike Westerdal.

Train with Passion,


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How to Increase Your Bench Press