Training When You’re Tired

It’s Monday, which is my back day with a little traps at the end of my workout. But today I was out of gas. I took my pre workout supplement and of course that usually gets me going but I didn’t sleep well last night. Long story short, we went night time kayaking Saturday night on the east coast of FL (about a 2+ hour drive one way from where we live) and didn’t get home until about 2AM. So Sunday I slept in and my sleep schedule got a little messed up, which I believe resulted in me not sleeping well last night. Anyway, I just didn’t have the energy for my workout this morning that I normally have. Some will say to take a day off from the gym when you feel like this. I can’t say that’s a bad idea, but for me, if I don’t train I just don’t feel right for the rest of the day. So here’s a few tips on how to train when you’re out of gas.

1) Don’t go heavy. If you’re tired, don’t bother with super heavy weights because all you’re going to do is set yourself up for injury. If you’re tired or not 100% focused then drop the weight down a little.

2) Don’t train as intense. If you try to go all-out when you’re tired, just like trying to go heavy, you’re more prone to injury.

3) Train with a little more volume than you normally do. This sort of goes against the first two (as you may have been expecting to say train with less volume on days like these). To me this counters the first two. You’re not going as heavy and you’re not training with full intensity, so you can throw in a few more sets. Volume training is often used to gain strength and mass.

4) Throw in a few more calories and protein after your workout. You’re already tired and now that you’ve trained on top of that it’s time to overload your muscles with the protein and nutrients it needs to start repairing.

5) This is obvious, but get plenty of rest; go to bed a little earlier that night and sneak in a nap that day if possible.

I just threw those tips out there off the top of my head from my experience this morning. My back workout consisted of 4 exercises but instead of doing 3-4 sets I did 5 sets for my first 2 exercises. I also ended with 5 sets of dumbbell shrugs for traps. I’m not saying spend 2 hours lifting weights in the gym; just throw in a few extra sets to compensate for the lack of intensity.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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