Crunch Time Superset Ab Workout

I decided to not touch any weights this morning. It’s Saturday and I usually hit some higher reps for a muscle group or two but felt my body needed a break from the weights. So I just hit some cardio and did a little ab work afterwards. Some say you can’t target fat loss in order to see your abs, but from my personal experience, if I train abs often (at least every other day) my stomach looks a lot better as opposed to only hitting them once or twice a week. And the more volume, sets, and reps I do for my abs, the better results I seem to get (with no changes in my diet). I also like to move quickly throughout my ab workouts. I usually don’t rest more than 30 seconds between ab exercises. This allows me to do more volume in less time and also gives me a better pump. I will often superset ab exercises, going from to another with no rest (just the time it takes to get to the other ab workout machine, or whatever exercise I decide to do). This morning my ab workout consisted of supersetting through 4 ab exercises. I did 3 rounds of this, also with minimal rest between each round. Here’s the ab workout below.

This morning’s Crunch Time┬áSuperset Ab Workout:

Rope Crunches – 12 reps

Ab Machine Crunches – 12 reps

Seated Crunches – 12 reps

Swiss Ball Crunches – 12 reps

Again, there’s minimal rest between each exercise; just the time it takes to go from one exercise to the next. I didn’t rest between rounds either (once I finished my set of swiss ball crunches I went straight back to the rope crunches and started over). I chose 12 reps which were easier in the beginning but obviously became more difficult during the workout. I didn’t mean to choose all crunching exercises. This was random as I kind made this up quickly right before I started the ab workout. Try it, it’s a good one!

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


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