Updated Supplement Stack

As I switch my workout routine up a little starting this week (see my last post) I also changed up my supplement stack. The biggest change in my supplement plan was I simplified it. As always, I’m still taking the basics: whey protein, training pack (vitamins), amino acids, pre workout mix, and fish oil. One of the staples that’s usually in my supplement stack that I’m taking a break from is creatine. I almost never go off of creatine. I’ll jump back on it soon but wanted to take a few weeks off from it. So here’s my current supplement plan:

Jason’s Current Supplements:

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein: 1 scoop pre work, full shake post workout (2 scoops, milk, peanut butter, banana), before bed (2 scoops with milk)

Dymatize Elite Recoup (BCAA’s + Glutamine): 2 servings immediately post workout (while doing cardio after the weights)

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak: post workout

Fish Oil: 6000 mg per day (3 capsules in the morning and another 3 at night)

Nutrex Hemo Rage or Universal Nutrition Animal Rage: pre workout



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