New Workout Routine

It’s time to for me to change up my workout routine again. I’ve been hitting each body part once a week for about 5 weeks now, which has allowed me to do more volume each muscle group. And for the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking less rest time between sets and also pumping out more reps. However, I miss hitting my chest, back and arms twice a week. I feel my muscles respond better to twice a week rather than once a week. But since I had been training that way for a while, switching to hitting each muscle once a week was a good change. Now it’s time to go back to twice a week.

The only muscle groups I’ll be hitting once a week are shoulders and legs. Shoulders get worked when doing chest and back. So with me hitting chest and back twice a week, hitting shoulders only once a week is more than enough. I’ve been hitting legs with an extreme amount of volume and high reps (often times 20 reps and more). That’s been working well for me, and leg day is so brutal that I don’t know if my body could handle a second leg workout in the same week. Cardio will remain 5 days a week. Here’s the new training split.

Monday – Back and Biceps

Tuesday – Chest and Triceps

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday – Shoulders and Traps

Friday – Back and Biceps

Saturday – Chest and Triceps

Sunday – Off

Calves and abs will be alternated each training day and sometimes I may hit them both together. I’ll also do my cardio for 30 minutes after my weight training session. I usually walk on an incline but I’ll be throwing in some stationary bike as well. I feel like the resistance from the bike will bring out more striations in my quads and hamstrings. My Friday and Saturday workouts will more than likely consists of higher reps and more supersets and drop sets. That being said, I may do more Hammer Strength and machine work those days, especially for back and chest.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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