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Jason’s New Workout Program

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I’m posting this after starting my 2nd week of this new workout program I created. The workout routine is a bit unorthodox (like most everything I do). But there’s a reason for that, and I will explain everything as we go. I had been training each body part once a week for a few months so it was time to change my workout. And as most of you know I had some severe lower back problems (bulging L5 disc) towards the beginning of December which forced me to train light and with extreme caution for a few weeks. I’m better now, aside from some sciatic nerve pain, and lifting heavier weights. Of course I choose my exercises carefully and I’m executing everything with proper form in mind. My new training schedule is six days a week with Sundays off.

Legs: Twice a Week

There’s only two constants in this new workout program I created and that pertains to leg training. My leg days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. The reason I’m hitting legs twice a week is due to the lower back issues I’ve had, I’m not squatting and will not be doing any type of machine squats for a while. But there are two leg presses in my gym that hit the legs at slightly different angles. So I’m using both of those along with several leg curl machines and leg extensions. I’m also alternating walking lunges with dumbbell squats as these do not put any pressure on my lower back.

Upper Body Muscle Groups: Every 4-6 Days

The unique part of my new workout is how I train my upper body muscle groups. My upper body workouts consists of three training segments: back and traps, chest and biceps, shoulders and triceps. My training days for these are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. So last week I hit back and traps on Monday, chest and biceps on Tuesday, shoulders and triceps on Thursday, and then started over with back and traps on Friday. This obviously resulted in me hitting chest and biceps this morning (I’m posting this on that following Monday). Hopefully that makes sense.

Calves, Abs, and Stretching: 5-6 Days

I’m hitting calves every training day after my main weight training workouts. And I’m mixing up my calves routines by using different techniques every workout. I’ll generally pick one or two exercises and do anywhere from three to five sets for each exercise. This seems to be working quite well. I’m doing some ab work along with my stretching at least five nights a week. The stretching is mainly for my lower back but it’s also helped me in other areas as well.

Jason’s Cardio Workouts: 5-6 Days

I’ve changed my cardio up a little and it’s been extremely effective. For over a year I had been walking on the treadmill, on an incline. But I recently started riding the stationary bike instead. To add, I’m doing some high intense interval training on the bike for 20 minutes some days and other days I’ll just ride for 30 minutes. I’ve dropped about eight pounds within the first two weeks of doing this. Not that I’m trying to lose weight, but I guess I had some fat I needed to shed. The great thing is my strength is still up and my muscles are full and looking a little more ripped. I’m doing cardio solely on the stationary bike five to six days a week.

That’s my new workout program for the start of 2013. I don’t see myself changing this anytime soon. I’ve always gotten better results working each muscle group more than once a week and this workout routine allows me to do that. My legs will be worked twice a week on consistent days and my upper body muscle groups will be worked anywhere from every four to six days. My hope for all of us is that we experience some new muscle growth this year!

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


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