Jan 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s Supplement Stack – January 2013

January 2013 Supplement StackI’m extremely late on posting this supplement stack. I’ve been on this stack for most of the past three weeks, so most of January 2013. This stack has two highlights; a natural testosterone booster with an emphasis on balancing estrogen and a supplement for my joints. The supplements I chose for this are Triazole from Driven Sports and Super Cissus from USPlabs.

I also decided to go back to a couple of Universal Nutrition supplements for my pre and post workout times; Universal Shock Therapy and Universal Storm. Shock Therapy is the new formula. Everything else stayed the same from the last supplement stack. This stack will also probably stay the same most of February except for Triazole which I’m almost out of. I’ll throw in a new testosterone booster soon.

Here’s the stack:

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men (multi-vitamins)

Nature’s Valley Fish Oil

Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy (1.5 servings pre-workout)

Universal Nutrition Storm (2 servings post workout)

Driven Sports Triazole (2 capsules 2 x per day; 4 total)

USPlabs SuperCissus

I actually finish my last dose of Triazole tomorrow. You can make this last for a full 30 days with three capsules per day but I was taking four per day so this lasted three weeks. I did feel my muscles are harder and it seems I’ve shed some body fat while taking Triazole. But I didn’t notice any huge testosterone spikes or surges. I’ll write a review on Triazole soon.

USPlabs SuperCissus is something I had taken a couple of years ago for some shoulder pain I had. This is an amazing product in my opinion and works wonders for joint pain. Cissus¬†quadrangularis extract is known to be for joint support but there seems to be several other benefits as well. I’ll expand, or re-write my current review soon.

I’m trying the new Universal Shock Therapy formula for the first time. I tried the old formula about a year or so ago and I was satisfied but preferred Universal’s Animal Rage. ¬†This new formula has some extras and so far I like it. I’ll have a review on that soon.

I went back to Universal Storm for my post workout as I’ve always had great results when taking Storm. I will admit that Storm does upset my stomach for the first week or two but that seems to subside. In my opinion, Storm is one of the most effective post workout/creatine supplements.

Everything stayed the same for the most part. Same Dymatize protein, fish oil, and I picked up my second bottle of Opti-Men vitamins from Optimum Nutrition. This stack will probably carry over to most of February except for Triazole which I finish tomorrow. I plan to start another testosterone boosting supplement soon but haven’t decided which one. I’ll update my supplement stack as soon as I get it though. The one thing I’m missing in this supplement stack that I normally take is a BCAA supplement. I already went over my supplement budget so I had to leave something out.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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