Feb 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s Feb 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason's Feb 2013 Supplement Stack
Feb 2013 Supplement Stack

Ok, here’s my February 2013 supplement stack! This stack is geared more towards joint pain relief and hopefully rejuvenating ligaments and tendons, if that’s even possible with over the counter supplements. On that note, the supplements I’m taking are somewhat the same as last month. The highlight of this stack for joint relief is the USPlabs Supercissus and of course the fish oil which is a constant part of my supplement regimen.

The main changes from last month is that I finished the Driven Sports Triazole and I ditched the pre workout Shock Therapy. Man, this stuff was tearing up my stomach! I had tried the original Shock Therapy formula a few years ago and had no issues but this new formula sent me to the bathroom before my workout, during my workout, and of the after my workout (that last one is normal). And I was cramping…it wasn’t good. So, Universal, I don’t know what you guys put in that stuff but I’ll be sending that back.

Anyway, another change was that I wanted to add my BCAAs back into my intra workout and I’m trying a new product for the first time, Aminolast by Gaspari Nutrition. I’m already feeling the results from Aminolast during my workout. Oh yeah, I almost forgot; I replaced my pre workout Shock Therapy with another new supplement I’ve never tried, Amp3d by a company called Warrior Labz. I had never heard of them but I picked it up at Southern Muscle here in Brandon, FL and this stuff is pretty amazing! I’m not even taking one full scoop and I’m getting some pumps and energy. Anyway, here’s the stack:


Dymatize Whey Protein

Opti-Men Multivitamins

Spring Valley Fish Oil

USPlabs Supercissus

Warrior Labz Amp3d (pre workout)

Gaspari Nutrition Aminolast (intra workout)

Universal Storm (post workout)

I’m still taking Universal Storm as soon as I finish my weight training and sip on it during my cardio. Storm has always been my go-to creatine formula. I am interested in trying out something else though, perhaps Beast’s Creature when I run out of Storm. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this supplement stack. It looks like a lot but the pre workout (since I’m only taking 1 scoop) and the Storm will last me for a while. I may pick up another bottle of Supercissus when I finish this one.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


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