35 Minute Quads and Hams Pump Workout

Jason’s 35 Minute Quads and Hams Pump Workout

Front SquatsI’m sure you all will agree with me, that every day is a beautiful day for training legs, right? It’s Saturday morning and I usually don’t train at all on Saturdays except for a little cardio. But about once, sometimes twice a month, I like to throw in a little extra legs, and sometimes some back training as well. Today I trained legs for the 2nd time this week (I also ended up my workout with several sets of pullups with just my body weight, but I want to focus this post on the leg workout). I also like my Saturday workouts, when I do them, to be quick, intense, and going for a solid pump. And the ultimate pump in my quads and hams is exactly what I got this morning.

Quads n Hams Workout

Front Squats: 3 sets x 15 reps –

– superset with Leg Press (feet close together): 3 sets x 15 reps

Lying Leg Curls: 3 sets x 20 reps (10 strict reps followed by 10 explosive reps = 1 set)

Leg Extensions (1-leg): 100 reps *

Standing Leg Curls (1-leg): 100 reps *

As you can see I started right out of the gate with a very brutal superset routine. I performed a set of front squats for 15 reps then immediately jumped on the leg press for another 15 reps. I kept my feet closer together on the leg press sets. I like this because I feel that it builds the outer sweep of the quad muscles. Of course I hit a couple of warm up sets with front squats before diving into my working superset sets. I honestly could have been done with my leg workout after this.

Lying leg curls were next and I performed 10 very strict reps, squeezing my hamstrings at the peak of the movement and lowering the weight very slow, getting that negative in. Once I did 10 strict reps I immediately pumped out 10 more fast, explosive reps. This created an extreme pump.

Lastly, where you see the * on the leg extensions and standing leg curls, I hit 100 total reps for each exercise, for each leg (so really it’s 200 total reps for each exercise if that makes sense…crap, now I’m even confusing myself!). So basically for leg extensions I would do as many reps as I could do for one leg then switch to the next leg and do the same. I kept repeating this one leg after another until I hit 100 total reps for each leg. I used this same technique with standing leg curls. Extremely brutal, extremely pumped! After all this, I wobbled out of the gym.

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