Morning Morning Back and Biceps Pump

Monday Morning Back and Biceps Pump Workout

Lat Pulldowns Extended | Back Workout | Back Exercises | Jason Stallworth | TheMuscleProgram.comMonday has been my back workout day for quite a while now. That’s mainly because I train legs on Wednesdays and back is as taxing as legs, so I like a day between those two workouts. Also, Monday’s tend to be International Chest Day so all my back machines are freed up for the most part. Anyway, I call this a ‘pump workout’ because my goal lately has been to go for ultimate pump rather than just throwing a bunch of weight around. I want to change the shape of my muscles so I’m really focusing on each rep counting towards that. I’m also integrating things like drop sets and rest-pause sets. Let’s get to the workout.

Back and Biceps Pump

Barbell Rows (reverse grip): 4 sets x 10 reps –

– superset with Chest-Rest Rows: 4 sets x 10 reps

Lat Pulldowns: 3 sets x 10 reps

Dumbbell Rows: 4 sets x 6 reps

Close-Grip Pulldowns: 3 sets x 10 reps

Cable Pullovers: 3 sets x 10 reps

Incline Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets x 15 reps

Preacher Curls: 3 sets x 20 reps

As you can see I trained back with high volume and that’s something I’ve been doing for every back workout. I want to hit all angles of my back muscles and get as much blood pumped into the muscles as possible. I started out with a superset of two types of rows, which was brutal. I focused on muscle contractions and perfect form for every back exercise except for dumbbell rows. I went heavy using explosive reps for dumbbell rows, yet lowered the weight slowly for some negative reps.

I didn’t put a ton of effort into biceps training as you hit biceps when you train back. But I like to finish out with a solid biceps pump. I hit some high rep sets with lighter weights, squeezing the muscle. I also hit some calves at the end of my workout followed by my usual cardio. Try this one out on your next back and biceps day.

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