5 Sets Chest Workout

Jason’s 5 Sets Chest Workout

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I missed my normal chest day this Tuesday and ended up training chest this morning instead, Thursday (I’ll skip shoulders this week; in the event I have to miss a body part, it’s usually shoulders). Since my workout schedule got a little out of whack this week I was prompted to do something different for chest. Although the chest workout is fairly basic, the volume is a bit higher.

Another special note on today’s chest workout is I did all pressing movements, no flyes. I normally include some sort of flyes in my chest workouts, but again, I wanted to do something a little different today. Here’s the workout.

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Chest Workout

Incline Barbell Press: 5 sets x 5 reps

Decline Barbell Press: 5 sets x 10 reps

Incline Hammer Strength Press: 5 sets x 12 reps

Bench Press: 5 sets x 12 reps

I started out with almighty muscle mass and strength building method 5 x 5 for incline barbell press. I proceeded with five sets on everything but with higher rep ranges, either 10 or 12 reps.¬†Another note is I didn’t train till failure on any of the sets. I also never went up in weight after starting an exercise (after warming up, of course). I used a challenging weight for each chest exercise, but my main goal was volume.

I didn’t expect to be sore but I’m writing this post tonight, about 13 hours after finishing this morning’s chest workout, and my chest is already pretty sore and my chest muscles feel full. I believe this is not only from a higher volume workout, but also from the high volume of strictly pressing movements. This is a great chest workout to try if your chest routine has been stagnant or if you just feel like doing something different.

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