May 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s May 2013 Supplement Stack

May2013stackIts time to post my updated supplement stack for May 2013. Most everything is pretty standard but I went back to using several Universal Nutrition supplements. I’m not really loyal to any one supplement company, but if there’s a supplement brand that I’m even the least bit biased to, it’s Universal Nutrition and their Animal line of supplements. Bottom line, I’ve always gotten good results from Universal.

There are a couple of new things I’m doing for this supplement stack. This is my first time trying the new Shock Therapy formula. And I’m alternating that with Animal Rage for pre workout. As I’ve said in the past, I like to keep two pre workout supplements and alternate them every few days. I’m also taking Kirkland’s Fish Oil which I picked up at Costco. And for post workout I’m mixing Universal Storm with Gatorade to get some simple carbs in me for immediate post workout.

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Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Universal Shock Therapy (pre workout)

Universal Animal Rage (pre workout)

Universal Animal Pak

Universal Storm (post workout)

Gatorade powder (post workout)

Kirkland Fish Oil

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The Gatorade post workout was something had read in a couple of articles that Branch Warren does. I’ve also read this about a couple other pro bodybuilders. And I’ve always liked the idea of mixing creatine with carbs immediate post workout. I realize Universal Storm has some sort of creatine delivery formula, but I know that having simple carbs post workout can be effective for building muscle. So I mix the Universal Storm with Gatorade (orange flavor) and drink immediately after the weights, during my cardio session. Of course I have my main post workout shake when I get home.

As you see, I’ve got a lot of Universal supplements. I’ll post a review soon for the Shock Therapy new formula. It doesn’t quite give me the kick I get from Animal Rage but I wanted to try it because Shock Therapy is a complete formula with amino acids, which is something I like to have in my system pre workout. I’m taking about a scoop and a half of Shock Therapy. I’ve tried more than that, but it gave me stomach problems. More isn’t always better!

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