Post Workout Creatine and Gatorade Powder

Jason’s Post Workout Mix: Creatine with Gatorade Powder

This is something I posted as part of my most recent supplement stack update; creatine with Gatorade powder. It’s known that creatine absorbs best with carbohydrates. And we also know that taking simple carbs immediately after your workout can be very effective in building muscle. I had been looking at several carbohydrate drinks and mixes, but as you all know, bodybuilding supplements can be very expensive. And my supplement bill is already more than I would like it to be.

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I had read in a couple of Muscular Development articles, in different issues, that Branch Warren drinks Gatorade after his workouts. I’ve also read this about a couple of other bodybuilders. And I really didn’t see the need to purchase an overpriced ‘elite’ carbohydrate mix. So I picked up a tub of Gatorade powder and started mixing in with Universal Storm.

Universal Storm has been my most used creatine product over the past several years. I noticed strength gains and muscle fullness from it. It also has a list of other ingredients too, arginine being one of those. Now I know Universal Storm contains some sort of delivery matrix that supposedly helps with absorption, without the carbs or sugars. But there are benefits to taking simple carbs immediate post workout so I wanted to integrate that.

Gatorade G Series Powder with Universal Storm

Universal Storm with Gatorade PowderGatorade Powder – 1 serving (about 21 grams of carbs)

Universal Storm – 1 serving

* I mix the two immediately after my weight training workout and drink during my cardio

Another important note is I bought the Gatorade G Series powder mix (I believe it’s the Gatorade Perform 02), not the regular Gatorade that’s already mixed and comes in a bottle. The Gatorade powder contains carbs from sucrose and dextrose. I didn’t look at the label for the pre-made Gatorade drinks but I’ve always read the powder is better. I do know that the original pre-made Gatorade formula has high fructose corn syrup and I don’t want that. I’m not sure about the pre-made G series. But the powder is less expensive and it’s easier to just mix that with my creatine.

I’ve been doing this now for about two weeks. I still have my normal post workout shake when I get home after my workout, which contains high protein and carbohydrates from fruits (a banana and some dark berries). That probably sounds like a lot of carbs altogether but I’m keeping my carb intake a little lower throughout the rest of the day (most of you know I train in the early mornings). One thing that would probably make this immediate post workout mix perfect is adding some BCAA’s, but again, I’m trying to cut back on the amount of supplements I take.

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