Chicken and Sweet Potato Lunch

Jason’s Chicken and Sweet Potato Lunch

Chicken and Sweet Potato Meal May 2013I haven’t been posting much on nutrition lately. Part of that is because my diet has been inconsistent. We’re getting ready to move soon and healthy meals have been a hit or miss (I had frozen pizza last night and a meatball sub the day before). But I wanted to share my lunch today as it’s probably one of the healthier meals I’ve had lately.

I’ve found that my body responds better to meals with high protein, moderate carbs, and low fat. I know this goes against the popular low to no carb diets. To me those are trendy diets and only work for losing body weight, but not necessarily body fat. There’s a huge (no pun intended) difference between the two, and the former isn’t a healthy way. I do believe healthy fats need to be in your nutrition plan but you also need good sources of carbs, especially if you want to build lean muscle.

Jason’s Lunch – May 23, 2013


1 large chicken breast (2 halves, about 48 grams of protein)

1 medium sized sweet potato

2 table spoons of olive oil

Cajun seasoning and black pepper

Hot sauce (optional)

Water (or beer! Kidding, …just water)

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As you can see, this meal is a no brainer to prepare and cook. But I’ve share the details anyway because the way I cook my chicken works really well for me. And if you’re not a huge fan of chicken, like me, then you may find this method helpful.

Preparation and Cooking Instructions

Step 1: Pour the olive oil in the pan and turn the heat to medium

Step 2: Season chicken breast with black pepper and Cajun seasoning (or whatever seasoning you prefer)

Step 3: Cut chicken into strips and place into pan with olive oil (by the time you finish cutting up the chicken the pan should be warm enough)

Step 4: Cook sweet potato in microwave on high for seven minutes (I buy those pre-wrapped sweet potatoes)

Step 5: Continue turning the chicken strips for about 8-10 minutes (I like the outer pieces to be a little burnt)

Step 6: Add some hot sauce (option); I added some Tabasco Habanero sauce, which I highly recommend

That’s it; a very quick and simple extremely healthy meal. I’ve found that cutting up my chicken into strips before cooking it makes it taste better. Not sure why that is, but it works for me. This took me less than 15 minutes to prepare and cook. Try it out.

Train (and eat) with Passion,


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