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Jason’s New Workout Program

Weighted Dips May 2013It’s been a while since I’ve posted my workout routine (since the beginning of the year!). I had switched my workout several months ago to hitting each body part just once a week. I never posted that because I didn’t plan on staying on that program for very long. But now I’m back to a similar workout program as my last post I posted in January of this year.

I’ve always felt my upper body responded better to hitting the muscles a little more than once a week, but not necessarily twice within every seven days. To do this type of workout, your workout days are never the same each week. The only day that’s the same is leg day, which is Wednesday. That’s me and Big Mike’s workout day, the only time I have a training partner. We feed off each other’s energy plus we both have bad lower backs, so it works.

The Workout

Monday: Upper Body 1 – Back and Biceps

Tuesday: Upper Body 2 – Chest and Triceps

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Upper Body 2 – Shoulders and Traps

Friday: Upper Body Series starts over

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

* Calves are worked Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

** Abs are worked 3-4 times a week

*** Cardio is done 4-5 times a week

The way I’m training my upper body muscle groups is they will be hit about every 4-6 days. All upper body muscles are covered within three workouts. In the example above, Upper Body 1 would be done again on Friday, so that means Upper Body 2 would be hit the following Monday, Upper Body 3 on Tuesday and Upper Body 1 again that Friday (legs are done every Wednesday).

Another note on my workouts is although I stick basic exercises and compound movements, I’m constantly changing the order of my exercises, sets, reps, and using a variety of training techniques. I may do a few sets of rest-pause sets one workout for a particular exercise and drop sets for another. I have my road map here of what I’m training each day, but the techniques I use often depend on how I feel that day.

You learn to listen to your body and I believe that will get you a lot further in building muscle. Some days you can go super heavy while other days your joints are telling you to back off. Some days are super high intensity while other days may be more volume with moderate intensity.

Saturdays and Sundays are listed as rest days but I normally do cardio at least one of those days first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. My other cardio is done after my weight training sessions which I walk for 20-30 minutes. About once a month during the summer time we go canoeing or kayaking on the weekends. I like doing some sort of cardio on the weekends. Gotta stay active.

I’ll be posting more of my individual workouts on my blog so stay tuned!

Train with Passion,


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