July 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s July 2013 Supplement Stack

July 2013 Supplement StackI apologize for being so late on this month’s supplement stack, but here it is, finally! There’s a couple of new supplements I’m trying out this month and so far I’m very happy with the results. This supplement stack is geared towards performance and recovery, which ultimately leads to more muscle growth. It’s simple, basic, and it works.

One of the things I was looking for was a solid post workout supplement cocktail. I always include BCAAs and some type of creatine. And whatever BCAA supplement I’m using usually has glutamine in it as well. Those three supplements are key for immediate post workout to start the recovery process, in my opinion.

July 2013 Supplements

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Twinlab Men’s Ultra Daily

Cellucor C4 Extreme (pre workout)

Dymatize Elite Recoup (BCAAs)

ISS Complete Creatine Power

Kirkland’s Fish Oil

I’m back to my trusted Dymatize Elite Whey protein powder. They actually have a red label around the top that says New Improved Taste (you can probably see this in the pic above). I don’t really care about the taste as long as it’s not gross. I’ll be done with the Cellucor C4 soon, and I’m glad. I bought two containers at Costco so I was stuck with this for a while. It’s not a bad pre workout supplement, just not one of my favorites.

On to the new stuff…I’m trying a new multi-vitamin (new as in I’ve never taken this one) from Twinlab called Men’s Ultra Daily. It’s loaded with the essentials and also promotes prostate health. I’m a couple of years shy of being 40 so I have to start thinking about that kind of stuff. I’m also taking a new creatine supplement from ISS called Complete Creatine Power. This is just plain creatine monohydrate, however, it’s the Creapure which is said to be the purest version of creatine monohydrate. I’m taking that pre workout (with my pre workout supplement) and post workout with my Dymatize Recoup BCAAs. I like Recoup because it’s also loaded with B vitamins and contains glutamine.

That’s a wrap for this month. Next month’s supplement stack will probably look the same with the exception of the C4 pre workout.

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