August 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s August 2013 Supplement Stack

August 2013 Supplement StackIt’s that time of the month for my supplement stack update. Last month I added in a couple of new supplements I had never tried and this month I have a couple more. I had been stuck on the same pre workout supplement for two month (Cellucor C4 Extreme) and where as it’s a decent product, I was ready for something else, and I wanted to try something I’d never tried before. I had been hearing good things about Assault by MusclePharm so I decided to try it this month.

I’m also trying out Orange Triad for my multi-vitamins from Controlled Labs. I’ve heard great things about it and it’s often rivaled with Universal’s Animal Pak and Gaspari’s Anavite, which are both great products. One of my gym buddies was having some joint pains and told me that Orange Triad stopped the pain (thanks Brian). I’ve got a little pain in my right forearm so I’m hoping Orange Triad will help. Let’s get to the stack!

Supplement Stack – 8/2013

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein (All Natural)

Controlled Labs Orange Triad

MusclePharm Assault (pre workout)

ISS Complete Creatine Power (immediate post workout)

Dymatize Elite Recoup (immediate post workout)

Kirkland’s Fish Oil

ASR Jacked Up

I almost forgot; another new supplement I’m taking is Jacked Up from ASR. ASR is the makers of the famous Hyper Gain. You can check out my video and written review on Hyper Gain here. Jacked Up is a Tribulus based testosterone booster so I’m excited to see (or at least hoping to see) the results from that. I’ve been on it for about a week now. I’ll have a review on ASR Jacked Up in a couple weeks after I see how it works for me.

The only other change is last month I was taking my ISS Complete Creatine Power both pre and post workout. This time I’m only taking it post workout because the MusclePharm Assault pre workout is loaded with creatine and a ton of other goodies. And I’ve never seen any benefits of going overboard on creatine. I’ll be posting a review for Assault soon, but so far, I’m loving this stuff. I’m somewhat getting over the ‘ultra concentrated’ pre workout formulas. Since I train early mornings I want something packed with aminos as well, and Assault has pretty much everything I can think of to get me going. I need substance as well as the boost.

That’s it for this month!

Train with Passion,


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