September 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s September 2013 Supplement Stack

September 2013 Supplement StackI’m back to a very basic supplement stack this month as far as the amount of supplements I’m taking. This month is pretty much the same as last month except I changed my post workout supplements. For the past few years I’ve been mixing a BCAA-based product with some sort of creatine blend (or just creatine monohydrate like last month). I’m replaced that with VPX NO Synthesize.

I was looking for something that combined amino acids (specifically BCAAs) and creatine, as well as a few other ingredients, and without sugar. I had tried NO Synthesize a few years back and recall getting solid results from it in regards to getting leaner and muscle hardness. I’m experience those same results now (not quite sure why I stopped taking this back then).

Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein (All Natural)

MusclePharm Assault – pre workout

VPX NO Synthesize – post workout

Controlled Labs Orange Triad

Kirkland’s Fish Oil

Again, this is a fairly simple supplement stack. My main goal with this stack was to focus more on my post workout supplementation. I don’t give too much praise to any one product but NO Synthesize seems to deliver everything I was looking for in one shot. You can check out my review here: Jason’s NO Synthesize Review.

The only thing I’m missing is some sort of testosterone booster. I’m actually considering jumping on a test booster soon (maybe Animal Test from Universal). I’d also like to start taking something at night to induce natural GH levels and help me sleep deeper. Of course if I keep going I’ll need a part time job just to pay for supplements!

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