Dorian Yates Biceps Workout

Jason’s Dorian Yates’ Style Biceps Workout

Alternate Dumbbell CurlsHappy Monday, and Mondays are great because I start my mornings with some back and biceps training. I posted my ‘Dorian Yates Style Back Workout‘ last week but today I’d like to focus this post around my biceps workout. Again, I’m using the Dorian Yates ‘Blood and Guts’ training philosophy which is two all-out high intensity working sets. The goal is to use these two sets to completely exhaust the muscle.

Before I dig into the workout for biceps below I have to admit that my biceps haven’t been this pumped in a long time. If you’ve been following my posts you know that I hurt my right upper forearm bowling several months ago. I really wish I could say it was from something cool like deadlifts or throwing huge boulders but no, it was from bowling. Anyway, I haven’t been able to train biceps too hard lately but my arm is starting to heal so I’m able to go heavier and more intense. Happy, happy, happy!

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Biceps Workout

Alternate Dumbbell Curls: 2 sets x 12-15 reps

Preacher Curls: 2 sets x 12-15 reps with drop set on final

21’s (straight bar barbell): 2 sets x 27, 21 reps

I’ve gotten back to a bicep exercise that seems to put mass on my arms and that’s alternate dumbbell curls. I couldn’t do these for months due to my injury. As you can see I’m not going super heavy, rather I’m hitting more reps here. For alternate dumbbells and preacher curls my form was super strict except for the drop set on the preachers (that last drop was more of an ending pump set).

If you want to end with an extreme pump in your biceps, hitting a couple of sets (or even just one set) of 21’s will get the job done and then some. This is where you do 7 sets half way up followed by 7 half way down, and end with 7 full reps, totaling 21 reps. I got 27 total reps the first time so I upped the weight on my last set.

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